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17 Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks

Now that you finally have got your Windows Phone 7 (WP7) handset and presumably it has made your life easier and faster, it is now time to know how to use some of the most important features that you might not be aware of. Listed below are some of the handy tips and tricks that will help you get more out of your phone.

The Windows Phone 7 phone comes with dozens of settings, you may already be aware of some or all. You can setup Facebook contacts to show up in address book, setup delivery confirmations, setup the phone camera, enable SkyDrive automatic backup etc. apart from the general phone settings.
Okay so here we go!

17 Windows Phone 7 Tips & Tricks

1. Take snap shot even when your phone is locked

There are many occasions in life when there is simply no time to unlock. So what if your windows phone 7 is still in the locked position, just press and hold the camera button for a few moments and you and your mobile camera are ready to go.

2. Search and Find

The windows phone search is more powerful, you can search just about anything. Whenever you are lost, just seek and find for example a new app, email, website, contacts and more.

3. Windows phone 7 voice control

When your hands are full just talk to your phone press and hold the start button on the phone which will activate speech, then say something for example: call {contact name}, call {phone number}, find {search term}, open or start {application name}.

4. Swipe to reveal more

There is more content to what you see on your WP7, remember swipe to the left to reveal more.

5. Don’t like the theme, well change it

It’s simple go to settings then choose theme there are 9 accent colours to pick with black and white background options… Try it.

6. Installing and uninstalling windows phone 7 apps

WP7 comes with the app store called MarketPlace. Before you can install apps from the MarketPlace you need to link the phone with Live ID using your hotmail or MSN logins.

Simply search and select the app and tap to buy or install it.

How to uninstall a app from WP7

If you are not using a specific app it is always better to remove it and free up the space used. Swipe left from home screen and you will get the main apps menu, look for the app you want to uninstall hold it you should then see the uninstall option. Tap and you are done. But remember you can only uninstall / remove apps that you had downloaded all core apps used by the WP7 system cannot be removed.

7. Upgrade WP7 software

This is the most simplest part you do not need to do anything whenever there is an update your phone will automatically update itself.

8. Three dots at bottom of screen

The 3 dots that you see at the bottom of the screen is a menu with more option. For different application you can try taping the 3 dots which will show you extra options related to the app. You can either use the 3 dots or just hold the finger for a bit longer on the screen.

9. Working with Sound on WP7

Turn off the annoying key press sound, set the email tone or change the ringtone (choose from 30 ringtones) just go to settings, ringtones & sounds.

10. Email Support

WP7 supports Yahoo, Google, Windows Live and outlook emails. Choose the one you wish to use and add your login email address and password.

11. Screen Time out

After a particular number of seconds or minutes you can lock the WP7 phone automatically, go to settings, choose lock and wallpaper and choose from 30 seconds to never.

12. Save Windows phone 7 Battery

A simple way to save energy and increase battery life is to turn off services that you are not using.

Turn Location off : settings > Location option
Turn Geo tagging off : settings > applications > pictures & camera – toggle “include location (GPS) information in pictures you take” to off.
Turn data roaming off : settings > mobile networks
Turn 3G off : settings > mobile networks

13. Add apps and people to start page

When you are in the application view mode holding the icon for some time will bring up a menu with several options, one such option is the ‘pin to start’ tap it to show the app on start screen.

To add people on start page simply use the contacts books find them and use the pin icon available that will add the selected user to start page.

14. How to turn Wi-Fi on

You can activate the Wi-Fi option from the settings area. When a new network is found the phone will notify you.

15. Adding and uploading photos to Facebook

WP7 comes with a dedicated Facebook app. All you need to do is enter your Facebook details at settings > Email & Accounts. While viewing photos you will now get an option “Upload to Facebook”.

16. How to find you phone number on Windows phone

Memorising a new phone number takes time and when you get one you often refer to your phone to get the number. But before you do that on a WP7 phone you need to make at least one call.

Go to setting > application > phone.. You can see your phone number there.

17. How to Reset Windows Phone 7?

In case your phone is giving you problems you can reset it back to factor default state by going to setting > about > and then select the reset phone option.

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