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5 Awesome and Cheap Windows 7 Laptops

Wondering which Windows 7 laptop to buy? This article offers my views on why Windows based laptops are most viable. It also reviews some of the best, cheap Windows 7 laptops.

Cheap Windows 7 Laptops – Why Windows Based Laptops?

Cheap Windows 7 laptops are looking for by most computer users. After the bad taste of possession of a Vista-based notebooks, laptops, Windows 7 come in high relief. Vista, although a secure operating system from Microsoft, drew a good amount of negative light because of its properties, which fell hard on a high-end laptops resources. During this time the laptop market saw a significant drop in sales of Microsoft Windows-based laptops while Google and Linux (or DOS) based laptops sold were the ones most. However, I do not think Google OS based laptops a viable option if there is a lot of cheap Windows laptops available – for Google’s OS is based on Internet and does not offer much of work offline. Plus running the Google OS does not support many of the mainstream applications.

Coming to Windows laptops, the market is now favorable for Microsoft – with ever increasing sales of Windows 7 based laptops. The main reason for this is the minimum system requirements of Windows 7. As per Microsoft, the minimum system requirements for a working Windows 7 laptop are 1GB of RAM, 1GHz processor, and 16GB of hard disk space. Most of the laptops are more highly configured so you can easily run Windows 7 on them. You might also be interested in the real memory requirements research done by one of the Brighthub writers. Another writer tested to see if Windows 7 can run on 256 MB RAM.

The best part about Windows 7 laptops is that there are plenty of manufacturers. This means a tough competition and hence low cost and good after-sales service. If interested, please check out our article on Mac notebooks versus Windows 7 laptops. This is the reason why you can find some really good, cheap Windows 7 laptops at your nearest computer shop.

The following sections look at some of the best, cheap Windows 7 laptops available in the market.

Acer AS5738Z-4111 15.6-Inch Blue Laptop

One of the cheap but best Windows 7 laptop is Acer AS5738Z-4111 15.6-Inch Blue Laptop. It comes pre-loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. The 64 bit operating system can be replaced by the 32 bit version on demand, before purchasing the product. The 15.6 inch LED screen display presents real life picture using 8 bit pixel depth. The Windows 7 laptop is powered by 2.1 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 processor and carries 4GB RAM. Unfortunately, you cannot increase the RAM as there are no extra slots but 4GB is more than enough even for gaming purposes. The computer can store 320 GB of data on its SATA enabled Hard Disk.

HP Pavilion DV7-3060US 17.3-Inch Espresso Laptop

The HP Pavilion DV7-3060US Espresso comes preloaded with Windows Home Premium. It is available in shiny metal black color. The 17.3 inch LCD panel can display millions of colors to create real life images. The computer from HP is powered by 2.4 GHz AMD TutorionTM II Ultra Dual Core Mobile M600 processor. The CPU has its own 2MB Cache. Though the HP Pavilion DV7-3060US Espresso is shipped only with 4GB DDR RAM, you can extend it up to 8GB in case you wish to use 64 bit applications or if you wish to play high-end multiplayer games. It can store up to 500 GB of data on its SATA enabled Hard Drive. It also carries a LightScribeTM 8X DVD R/RW. Another plus of HP Pavilion DV7-3060US Espresso is that it can hold up to 4.5 hours on battery power.

Dell Inspiron 1545 15.6-Inch Jet Black Laptop

Next in our line of best yet cheap Windows 7 Laptops is the Dell Inspiron 1545 15.6-Inch Jet Black Laptop. As explained in the heading, the computer comes with a 15.6 inch LCD screen that can offer you up to 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. At this resolution, you can get awesome images powered by Intel 4500 MHD Media Accelerator Graphics. At the core of Dell Inspiron 1545 is the 2.1 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 processor. The computer carries 4 GB memory.

The only drawback is that you cannot extend the RAM. However, 4 GB is good enough even for Internet gaming provided you have good bandwidth. You can store up to 250 GB of data on the Dell Inspiron 1545. External storage includes a DVD R/RW Drive. The battery can keep the computer running for 4 hours and 40 minutes. With only 19.1 inches depth, the Dell Inspiron 1545 weighs 9 pounds. It is a best buy for students, executives, and for gamers who do not wish to spend a fortune on their new Windows 7 laptop but sure want all the cool features that keep them on day and night.

MSI A5000-026US Celeron Dual-Core T3000

Laptops from MSI are usually cheaper compared to other players but this one is excellent as it is built specially for Windows 7. The MSI A5000-026US Celeron Dual-Core T3000 is a portable multimedia computer. The computer carries Windows 7 Home edition with features that allow real time gaming. The MSI A5000 is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core T3000 1.8 GHz processor. It carries 3 GB of memory that can be expanded to 4 GB. You can store up to 250 GB of data on its SATA enabled Hard Drive. For external storage, the Windows 7 laptop carries a SuperMulti DVD RW Drive.

The MSI A5000 features a 15.6 inch LCD widescreen display. It offers a resolution up to 1366 x 768 which means you can see images in HD format. It also includes a 4 in 1 multimedia card and features wireless 802.11 wireless connection, NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G graphics, and built-in speakers. In short, the MSI A5000 is one of the best, cheap Windows 7 laptops for those looking for machines under $400.

ADVENT Roma 2001

Finally, we will talk about a less known brand that offers quality Windows 7 laptops for under $400. Advent Roma 2001 is powered by Intel Celeron Dual Core T3100 – 1.9 GHz. It carries 3 GB of RAM that can be extended to 4 GB. The Advent Roma too comes preinstalled with Windows 7 Home Premium edition. You can store 320 GB of data on its SATA enabled Hard Drive. For external storage, it features a DVD RW. The integrated LCD is 15.6 inches widescreen and can give you a resolution up to 1366 x 768 pixels for HD viewing. At $370, the Advent Roma 2001 stands among the best and cheap Windows 7 laptops.

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