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5 Great Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets

Various desktop gadgets have been around since the days of Windows Vista. Most people do not know what they are, and some that probably will not find it annoying or distracting. There are several installed by default. But what not many people know is that it read an entire ecosystem of Windows 7 gadgets available on the website and download Windows Gadgets.

The great thing about Windows 7 is gadgets, you can move them from the Sidebar gadget and anywhere on your desktop. We decided some great desktop gadgets that can clutter your screen with list. Some gadgets can be quite useful, especially for power users. So keep on working this as a possibility, desktop gadgets, and form new opinions on them.

Five Windows 7 Gadgets For Geeks

System Monitor

System Monitor is a small gadget that gives you a customizable display of what’s going on with your system, such as CPU usage, memory usage, your IP address, your battery, and information about your WiFi. There is also a tab where you can quickly do WHOIS, IP Look-ups and PINGs on websites. System Monitor supports dual and quad-core processors.

Download the System Monitor gadget.

Control System With Clock

Control System With Clock seems like something that should come with Windows by default. You get a clock with this gadget, as well as several buttons that can shutdown, restart, log-off or hibernate your PC. It also comes with several different skins so you can customize it to match the look and feel of your desktop.

Download the Control System With Clock gadget.

All Search V3.1

All Search V3.1 is a desktop gadget that allows you to select any search engine you want and search directly from your desktop gadget. Search engine options include Google, Bing, Wikipedia, Weather, Maps, News and more. This is a very nifty idea, as it saves you time and clicks to find the information you’re looking for.

Download the All Search V3.1 gadget.

Twitter Explorer

Twitter Explorer is a desktop gadget that allows you to quickly post Tweets, follow updates, and retweet posts right from your desktop. The gadget has an easy to use interface and themes of various sizes. So if you’re an avid tweeter that loves following @pctechbytes, you’ll love this on your desktop.

Download the Twitter Explorer gadget.

Talking Clock

Talking Clock is a desktop gadget that talks back to you. If you want to setup various alarms to remind you of appointments or other tasks, the clock will speak to you. It’s like having a personal assistant. The text to speech conversion is fantastic and the voices are clear.

Download the Talking Clock gadget.

There are thousands of gadgets available to download. Browse them all, but be sure to read the reviews and download only the gadgets you trust. If you get tired of looking at them, hover over them and turn them off. The key to using gadgets is to use only the ones you like and can help make your day more productive and enjoyable.

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