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5 Tricks to Speed Up Windows 7

“How can l make Windows 7 fast?”This is one of the questions that you will surely ask after you own your computer for a while. There are three steps I sum up which is able to effectively prevent performance lost and speed up Windows 7.

1)Improve Windows 7 slow boot by Lowering the amount of startup applications

Windows 7 will run much faster when it doesn’t have to load up excessive programs on its startup. Run msconfig to customize your own bootup menu to improve Win 7 performance, or uninstall all the programs that are barely used to make Windows 7 faster.

2)Make use of ReadyBoost to create a faster Windows 7

To help customers increase the speed of computer and make Win 7 faster, Microsoft developed a component of Win 7 called ReadyBoost, it uses flash mass storage device as a cache to greatly increase disk read performance. Don’t forget to use this free and awesome component to speed Win 7 up.

3)Overclock computer hardware to gain better and faster Windows 7 performance

If you want to make Windows 7 faster for free, overclocking computer hardware is an effective way to realize it in winter. CPU and GPU can be overclocked to get much faster computing speed, while RAM and northbridge can be overclocked to bring wider bandwidth to get rid of a sluggish Windows 7.

Speed Up Windows 7

4)Meet the minimum requirement to make Windows 7 faster

Without meeting the minimum requirement, a slow Windows 7 is an inevitable consequence, which means to speed up Windows 7 and make it run faster, ensuring a computer meets the minimum system requirement of Win 7 is the first thing to do.

5)Make Windows 7 faster through the use of Windows tweak tool

A professional computer tweak tool is able to speed up windows 7, because it helps to prevent Win 7 from freezing up and getting blue screen of death, fix registry-related error, fully optimize Windows startup and shutdown time. There are tweak tools that are for free or for a fee to choose to make Windows 7 faster. Nonetheless to use this advanced Windows tweak tool is highly recommended, it helps to make a faster Windows 7 with ease and its company provides 24/7 technical support on fixing hardware and software issues to make Windows 7 run faster blazingly.

After trying the mentioned methods, to speed up Windows 7 can not be a problem for you any more.

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