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6 Steps to Make Windows 7,Vista,XP Run Faster Without Adding RAM

Compliance with specific steps people can certainly increase the performance of your PC by some hack. This can result in better performance from your computer and smooth operation of computer programs help if you religiously follow the below steps. Although all a lot to offer the Windows operating system have had people, it is a known fact that it on the page slower (especially Vista) compared to other OS tends. For this reason, the basic processes, increase your Windows are even more critical for optimal performance. Requires a geek to speed up the machine, each with basic understanding of mentioned tasks with the click of a button.


  1. Go to start menu. Choose Run option and type %temp%. A folder window will pop out. Delete all files listed in the folder. Do this after each browser session.
  2. Go to start menu. Select Control Panel. Click Add / Remove programs. Delete all unnecessary programs on the list by clicking on the “Remove” place next to the name of the program. (Unnecessary programs appear when you select a program from the list.) (As you on any program from the list out to see a clear cut mention panel about the use of the program, to the right corner)
  3. Run fewer programs at the same time. This will help in better performance of your current Ram.
  4. Click on My computer menu on your desktop. Right click on C: and choose properties. At the bottom right hand corner you will see option of Disk cleanup. Click on this option and click on NEXT in the folder that pops out.
  5. Go back on Properties menu c: as mentioned above. Click on “Tools”. Select the option which reads: “defragment”. A new window with the list of drives on your computer. Choose a drive from the list. Click on defragment at the bottom of the folder stored. Waiting for you, until the defragmentation procedure about gets. Repeat the same with all drives on your PC.
  6. You can also use the option of artificial RAM if you are running on a Vista or Windows 7. All you have to do is run a small program called ‘Readyboot’ that draws additional RAM from a USB 2.0 device.


Carry out the above mentioned procedure after regular intervals of time.


Use disk clean up option with caution. Make sure you want to delete the files that you don’t require. If you wish to keep certain files just uncheck the check box placed against the name of the file in Disk cleanup window.

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