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Add and Configure Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 comes with a wide range of additional tools to increase productivity and improve your desktop area equipped. They range from a watch to monitor a currency rate and can be positioned deleted again. Devices, desktop features are it help you the most out of Windows 7 silently. Default gadgets, one are along with the supplied from the Microsoft site slew of others.

We will take a look on the add and customize featured gadgets to take, as well as downloading additional ones from the Web.

Selecting Windows 7 Gadgets

Windows 7 Ultimate comes with the following gadgets:

  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • CPU Meter
  • Currency
  • Feed Headlines
  • Picture Puzzle
  • Slide Show
  • Weather
  • Windows Media Center

These gadgets can be accessed and activated with the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop and select “Gadgets”. Just double click or drag to send it the gadget of question to desktop.

Selected with the gadget and where you can do different things with. Move you mouse over the gadget to see the default settings – a small toolbar appears, you can use to remove the gadget by it, they move to change on X the size. Some Windows 7 gadgets have other skills, according to the purpose, for example, feeds the feed headlines Gadget RSS display you have added Internet Explorer, and the number of RSS feeds can be viewed by the settings on the toolbar accessed, represented by a monkey wrench.

As weather gadget must be your current position is entered while the currency gadget to change only, which displayed in the two drop-down menus. The slide show gadget, you can choose a folder to from pictures to play while the Windows Media Center gadget gives you access to your music collection. CPU meter will give you an eye on the processor and RAM usage during the Calendar Gadget shows just today’s date.

If all of this isn’t enough for you, there are more gadgets for you to choose from online!

Downloading Windows 7 Gadgets

To get your hands on Microsoft’s huge supply of gadgets, visit, or click the Get more gadgets online link on the gadgets window.

Keep in mind that not all these devices are Windows 7, Vista some designed for use in and while it systems should work on both there are a few that might have problems at your disposal. Add a new gadget may categories some the list simply – first using the sidebar, to select the desired. Review the description to ensure that it is appropriate, and compare the test reports and reviews from other users with your own expectations. Once you’ve found “Download” button, make a gadget think is your needs. , Follow the instructions on the screen prompts you to verify; the download, this is something that is.

Continue the installation click tool for third parties on, Windows will ask you whether you want gadgets desktop open the file with Windows 7 – you agree to this and then use the “Install” button to add to the new gadget on your desktop.

The gadget will also be added to the available selection in the Gadgets menu, so you can disable it and restore it to your desktop at will!

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