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Admin’s Best Friend : Windows 7 God Mode

Are you a windows power user?

By this I mean are you the guy who knows how to use the registry editor without completely hosing up your pc?  Well if you are a windows admin or a windows power user and you are using Microsoft Windows 7, we have  treat for you today.

If you are a windows power user and you think you deserve to unleash Windows 7′s power, then read on to learn about windows 7 god mode.  This is something that is actually build into your current Windows 7 installation and the only reason we can think of that is undocumented is that it may actually make to many high end features and settings available for the normal every day windows user.

The windows god mode allows you to change almost all of the Windows 7 settings in one place.  This is a good thing if you know what you are doing and can be dangerous thing if you don’t.  So please only proceed if you promise not to delete all the registry keys and try to remove admin user accounts and that sort of thing.

Windows 7 God Mode Video

User Settings, Folder Setting, Permissions, Everything to Manage Your Computer in One Place – God Mode Does It All!

To get the 1 minute setup to empower you Windows 7 God mode, just follow the link below!

Learn how to turn on Windows 7 God Mode here.

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