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Speedup Windows 7 with Winboost

Can you use the popular Windows XP “PC speedup” tool Winboost on Windows 7? Slow PC’s and laptops often only need the right kind of handling to speed them up – something that a tool like Winboost is designed to do.

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Create a 3D Icon in Windows 7 Taskbar

Do you want your taskbar icons look three-dimensional? Well…here we will take a look at how to create a Flip3D icon on the Windows 7 taskbar. Create a 3D Icon in Windows 7 Taskbar.

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Enable / Disable BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 7

The BitLocker Drive Encryption helps you to protect all files stored on the Operating System Drive, on fixed data drives or on removable data drives (such as external hard drives or USB flash drives).

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Top 3 Free Benchmarking Downloads for Win7

Find out about benchmarking and the top free to use benchmarking utilities for Windows 7! Your new PC might look shiny and new, but it might not run the new software or games you have in mind. Similarly, you might have built a new gaming tower from scratch, but until you test it you will never know if it is good enough.

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Free Administrator Tools for Windows 7 – System Utility Freeware

Several Windows 7 admin tools are available on the Internet. This article lists the three top administrator tools for Windows 7. Top Free Administrator Tools for Windows 7.

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Windows 7 Comparison over Vista

If you are currently using Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Then you are probably trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to the new Microsoft Windows 7. What are the benefits of using the new Windows 7 comparison to Vista?

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Make Windows XP Look Like Vista : Apply a Vista Style XP Theme

If you are fed up with the default theme and you want your Windows XP computer to look like Windows Vista, you are at the right place. Here we go step by step and apply our Windows Vista style XP theme.

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Make XP Look Like Windows 7 : Apply a Windows 7 Style XP Theme

OK, you have read our previous article and said “Bah! Windows Vista is old stuff, I want my computer to have the Windows 7 look.” Well, here is how to change your Windows XP theme to look like Windows 7.

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