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Why Android Outsells Windows Phone 7?

We all knew Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 would have a hard time catching up with the leading contenders in the smartphone arena, and now there’s yet another fresh batch of evidence suggesting that it can’t.

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Create A Password-Protected Folder In Windows 7 Sans Software

Windows: If you’re looking to stash some files away from other users casually browsing your computer but don’t need to go full bore with the encryption, you can create a password protected folder with a basic batch script.

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How to create a Password Protected Folder in Windows 7?

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to create a locked folder in Windows 7 – without installing any additional 3rd party software.

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Create a Windows 7 Boot Disk from an ISO

If you have ever bought software (operating systems) online, you might be familiar with the tedious process to convert the instant .iso file into something you can use.

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Control Windows 7: Kinect Hacked

The Microsoft [MSFT] Kinect has certainly been good for hacking and making it do things that Microsoft didn’t originally plan for it to do.

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Take Screenshots in Windows 7

Windows 7 was a great update to the Windows OS platform. Not only did this new software update a lot of security issues and make the computer a bit more user friendly, it came packaged with some really great and useful tools that can help simplify common and useful tasks.

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How to Use Windows 7 Magnifier

Need some help reading the small text on your screen? Trying to zoom in and check your pictures for wrinkles or zits?! Microsoft Windows 7 has a built in magnifier *minus the Starter edition* to make parts of the screen larger or zoomed in as if you were using a real magnifier without any distortion!

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Windows Phone 7 Hack Lets you Bypass the Marketplace

The ChevronWP7 tool is a handy bit of software that allows you to sideload apps on to your Windows Phone 7 smartphone which essentially, bypasses the Windows Market Place. Windows Phone is generally locked for those who are not developers.

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IE9: 2 Million Downloads in 2 Days

Internet Explorer 9 is a complete departure from earlier versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. It embraces the latest web technologies and treats web sites more like applications.

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