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Best Mail Clients for Windows 7

There are plenty of options out there for users who want a Windows 7 mail client installed on their computer. There might be too many options. Finding the right features and usability are the key to choosing the best email programs for Windows 7 to install on your computer.

Windows 7 Email Client Software

Email has become such a common tool for computer users that it gets taken for granted. Numerous email services exist entirely online so that users can access their email inbox from anywhere on any computer. Google Gmail, for example, offers email wherever you have a web browser.

What internet based email services have in terms of portability, they lack in terms of advanced email features and functionality. Locally installed Windows 7 email clients offer the advanced functions that power email users require. The best part is that the good ones all integrate nicely with those go anywhere online email accounts. In fact, a good email program for Windows 7 offers users the best of all worlds when it comes to email.

Microsoft Outlook Email Client for Windows 7

Microsoft Outlook has its place within the Office suite of applications and the possibility of widespread, leveraged are Microsoft Exchange from the economy to one of the most commonly used E-Mail clients on Windows-based computers and Windows 7 is no exception. In Office 2010 home and Business Edition and bundled gets Outlook users with their copies of Word 2010, Excel 2010 and the like. This means that many users are still despite his huge functionality all E-Mail set for Microsoft Outlook for.

The Outlook mail client has more to offer than only jointly. It offers advanced features for almost all email functions. Outlook supports many types of formatting and enriched content to E-mail, perhaps too much. If the user can not Microsoft Outlook, on the other side some this fancy editing completely dropped to get. If not you can interest on go even by tweaking the look and feel with some of the best Microsoft Outlook E-Mail issues. Outlook provides everything but the kitchen sink in a package. Multiple E-Mail accounts can be managed separately or in aggregate so that all 11 of your E-Mail accounts appear as a gigantic Inbox.

E-Mail accounts in Outlook Setup by default with the new advanced search for Windows 7 that, if you just remember that you have a email or text file or something annex had the access code for the new building resources indexed is to see that message when searching for building annex code and let the search do all the work. Outlook supports connection to Exchange email server, corporate which is very important in the world. For business users Outlook Internet standard mail protocols, POP3 and IMAP 4 supports, for funding cope this Google mail accounts and the company’s Exchange servers.

Search regardless of functions or features, you are, chances are Outlook E-Mail has and that it may be the greatest weakness. Outlook has many features, the nothing to do with email that to clutters the interface and may have more than necessary complicated to do specific tasks. Try other email software package for users who may desire a Windows 7 email only for E-Mail.

Windows Live Mail 2011

Windows Live Mail client is part of Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials suite of software tools. That means it is free to anyone who creates a Windows Live account.

Although some parts of the Windows Live works on multiple operating systems like Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7 is the focus of the applications and beyond. Windows Live Mail is both standalone mail client developed and as email tool for users of Microsoft Windows Live online service. It is the client for Office Live Small Business E-Mail. As such it integrated seamlessly and automatically with Microsoft’s Hotmail email service. It supports email standards such as POP3 and IMAP4. With WLM for Gmail is easy to set up your Google Mail POP settings once correctly.

Windows Live Mail client has a lot of same Outlook as the Microsoft mail function. This is not surprising considering that Microsoft built both products. But while maintaining Windows Live portability model is much more streamlined the interface. Advanced options and configurations, as well as behind the scenes offers security and configuration Outlook used by companies with no management in WLM client, benefit consumers and small businesses that user, not with in house email server or remote.

As a free E-Mail program for Windows 7 providing the popular Microsoft Office Ribbon user interface, Windows Live Mail is a good starting point for users, the idea a Microsoft mail client like but who with Outlook to pay or load the bloated program only retrieve E-mail. Unlike its predecessor, Windows is 7 lacks a built-in email client such as Outlook Express. WLM is Microsoft’s official response to those where the E-Mail client in Windows 7 is to ask.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird email client is a free open-source email client from the Mozilla Foundation. The same organization develops the popular Firefox web browser.

Thunderbird supports a variety of email services and protocols. Such as Outlook and live mail, Thunderbird supports both POP3 and IMAP4 E-Mail protocols. Furthermore, Thunderbird makes to automatic configuration for multiple common online services E-Mail setting up Internet mail accounts a snap.

For Internet servers without automatic setup routines of predefined, Thunderbird ports trying to automatically the E-Mail Server settings by trying together with standard configurations and E-Mail. For example when you set up an email account on my freelance writer business, Thunderbird tried of incoming E-Mail name and the outgoing E-Mail Server name. For those calls trying to recognize both POP3 settings and ports as well as IMAP settings and ports in an attempt, the correct settings. If it works makes it very easy setup and configuration of Thunderbird email client server settings.

Of course, E-Mail Server settings can be configured manually. In contrast to many other E-Mail clients Thunderbird doesn’t work with come a built-in calendar. For users, a pure E-Mail client, which is good. For users who would prefer an integrated calendar solution, Mozilla Calendar and scheduling program called Sunbird installed quickly in Thunderbird as a user, integrated add-on called lightning. Once installed, calendar and date familiar features to Outlook and other calendar users are easy to access from the Thunderbird email client.

Thunderbird offers many powerful features such as E-Mail support for multiple email accounts, search across all E-Mail accounts, messages and the ability to view each account individually or as a combination Inbox using the “global inbox”. Thunderbird offers several features to help organize a large volume of incoming E-Mails, including the ability to tag and star messages by their category or importance.

Users looking for a free email client would be wise to start by looking at Thunderbird mail.

Eudora Email Client

Eudora was making email clients back when you had to pay extra for POP3 access or more than 25MB of storage from all of the major online email services. Over the years, it has been overshadowed thanks in large part to the bundling of Outlook with Microsoft Office, the rise of web-based email, and the inclusion of free email clients in major operating systems.

For several years Eudora was offered in free, or sponsored, versions or a paid version with more features. Eudora is owned by Qualcomm who recently shifted the Eudora mail client to the open-source model. The Eudora client today is based on Mozilla Thunderbird, with the Eudora interface and features set built on top of Thunderbird. As such it offers many of the same features and functions as Thunderbird, but with a classic style user interface and additional features.

Users who like the flexibility and power of Thunderbird, but who don’t like the interface should take a look at Eudora email client for Windows 7 computers.

Alternative Windows 7 Email Clients

There are many more email clients for Windows 7 available from a wide variety of developers.

IBM offers an email client that goes with its Lotus Notes messaging and email platform.

Yahoo offers Zimbra email client software that offers both a server and client software pairing, as well as a standalone Windows 7 email client that integrates well with email accounts. Users who have more Yahoo email accounts than they do Gmail accounts and Hotmail accounts might want to try Yahoo Zimbra.

Users looking for a smaller email-only client might like Postbox Express, a Windows 7 email client with a simple interface to go with its single-minded focus on email. Like all of the other email clients mentioned here, it supports internet email standards like POP3 and IMAP4.


Did we fail to mention your favorite email client? We know that there are others out there, but did we miss YOUR personal favorite email client for Windows 7? If so, leave a comment with what makes your email client your favorite client and I’ll be happy to take a look.

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