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Break into Windows 7 admin account

My friend Jake bought a computer as a Christmas gift. He put a password on my Windows 7 computer, But he forgot the only administrator account so he can’t get into it. Can someone help him please! It is running Windows 7 OS!


The problem can be easily solved as you to get a tool Windows 7 password reset in a straight line. With this tool, you can easily burn a password reset disk with a bootable CD / DVD or USB flash drive in another PC (some even with the Mac version ) in seconds . Then you can easily record the password for the administrator account to delete with this boot disk burnt.

But before you begin to find the right tool , please make sure that it was not a password on the BIOS locked locked because the PC needs to boot from the hard computer starter password reset .

Have no idea what Windows password reset application with a password to try ?


Step 1. Download Windows Password Break in any PC . Launch it after the installation.
Step 2. Insert a CD / DVD or USB from the computer , and then click Burn CD / DVD or USB Burn button to create a boot disk to reset Windows 7 password. He will finish in a few seconds .

Step 3. Insert the boot disk into the Windows 7 machine , you want to reset the password burned recover the BIOS from a CD / DVD or USB depending on boot as the boot disk burn . Once successful, Windows Password Unlocker appears.
Step 4. Select the Zielbenutzerkontenverwaltungund click the reset button, then the password for this account will be deleted immediately.
Step 5. Click the Restart button to restart the computer . Remove the startup disk when you restart to the Windows screen inserted 7 logon display . Next log into the account the target user without a password.

Note: Anyone who can get physical access to your computer can easily bypass your Windows password with a boot password reset disk. To in case of it, you can put on a BIOS password on your computer or encrypt your computer data with TrueCrypt or other encryption tools.

Windows Password Breaker is strongly recommended. Here are a few simple reasons .

First This program can actually reset the passwords for all popular Windows versions , including Windows 8th The result is reliable. Do not you think ? Try the demo version before buying.

Second This program is the GUI and it will be easy for anyone to use , even if you are not good at computer.

3rd This program has both Windows and Mac versions . And each version has 3 different editions , especially the Enterprise Edition, you can create a new administrator account and change the password for the admin account to a new location the only publication.

4th Free technical support , professional and advanced is another advantage . The software provider is the professional recovery password and it is one of the leading companies in this field.


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