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Use Apple Magic Mouse On Windows 7

Who didn’t see this coming? Apple’s latest multi-touch capable Magic Mouse now works on Windows. Yes you heard it right, from Windows XP to Windows 7, it can work on them all.

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Change Windows 7 Display Settings

You’re monitor runs at an optimal resolution that it might currently not be displayed at. The optimal resolution will display the computer images at the best possible clarity and sharpness that the monitor can do.

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Setup WiFi in Windows 7

Setting up a wireless router with Windows 7 can prove difficult, particularly if you are using a device with older encryption methods or an inability to understand IPv6.

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Troubleshoot Windows 7 64-bit Compatibility issues

Although Windows 7 will automatically run older 32-bit programs in a compatibility mode, you may still run into issues when running applications under 64-bit Windows 7. This article will give you some tips on how to troubleshoot these issues.

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Tips for Windows 7 Tablet Owners

If you own or use a Windows 7 tablet, our selection of 10 top tips will help you to get as much efficiency from your device as possible! Windows 7 OS tablet owners are in possession of a device with far greater power and possibilities than an Apple iPad.

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Fix Internet Problems in Windows 7

Most internet problems in Windows 7 can be detected and resolved pretty quickly, meaning you can get back to surfing the web without calling out an engineer.

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Upgrade XP to Windows 7 Without Losing Personal Settings

Windows 7 is the latest incarnation of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It is also the latest darling of this guide and is being widely regarded as the only true successor to Windows XP.

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Test Your Computer Memory In Windows 7

You can easily test your computer’s memory (RAM) in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by using the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic utility. Your RAM is a vital part of Windows.

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