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Windows 8 tablets rumours

Microsoft’s been pushing tablet computers for the best part of a decade, so you can imagine how happy the iPad’s success makes them.

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Microsoft CEO refers to next-gen system as Windows 8 for the first time

Windows 8 coming in 2012, says Ballmer. Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has confirmed that the company’s next-generation systems will be out in 2012 and, in doing so, referred to the software as “Windows 8″ for the first time.

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8 Things About Windows 8

What does Microsoft have up its sleeve for Windows 8? Details are scant, but for the first time since Microsoft released Windows 7 (July 2009) proof Microsoft is busy prepping its next OS is surfacing on the Web.

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Rumored Windows 8 Feature: ‘History Vault’

While Microsoft prepares Windows 8 for the tablet wars, it’s also reportedly taking a page from Mac OS X with a feature called “History Vault.”

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Windows 8 to offer ‘Portable Workspaces’ on USB

Windows 8 looks set to offer users the option to store a copy of their operating system on a USB stick and boot it up on different PCs.

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8 Features of Windows 8

It’s being rumored that Windows 8 could possibly make its debut as early as next week, even though release may not actually occur until 2012 or early 2013.

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Windows Servers Hacked at The Hartford Insurance Company

Hackers have broken into The Hartford insurance company and installed password-stealing programs on several of the company’s Windows servers.

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Windows 8 screenshots reveal ribbon interface

Images from a pre-beta version of Windows 8 reveal that Microsoft is apparently expanding its use of the ribbon interface to replace traditional pull-down menus and toolbars.

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Aero in Windows 8 will be able to automatically adapt itself

In Windows 7, Microsoft added a new Personalization interface, allowing users to customize their desktops as they wished. But a few obvious features were missing, and in Windows 8, the company is finally filling in the gaps.

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