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Windows Phone 7 Facial Recognition Coming Soon

A Windows Phone 7 developer called Vangos Pterneas has created a facial recognition system for WP7 based devices. The new system uses the Facelight libraries that are open source.

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Window Phone 7 System Evaluations

Window Phon 7 System EvaluationsAt 21:30 on October 11th 2010, Microsoft Officially Released the Smart Phone Operating System Windows Phone 7

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Fujitsu demos 10.1in Windows 7 tablet

PC maker Fujitsu is looking to get in on the burgeoning tablet market with its own model. Unlike many of the tablets currently hitting the market, Fujitsu’s recently announced creation won’t be running a mobile operating system like Android or iOS.

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Will Windows 8 run on ARM processors?

Every time we ask about whether Windows will ever run on anything other than x86-compatible CPUs, we get Steven Sinofsky’s famous poker face: “[there's] nothing I would say right now,” was the Windows President’s most recent reply when TechRadar specifically asked him about rumours that kernel guru Mark Russinovich was working on an ARM version.

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Everything you need to know about Windows 8

What we know about Windows 8 is still incomplete and unofficial – garnered from job postings, rumours and the slides allegedly leaked by a software engineer at HP responsible for OEM relations (available through the Italian Windows Ette site).

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Release: Windows 7 tablet PC – First 3G

AT-Tablet courtesy of Dutch outfit Ambiance Technology. If you have been holding back on investing in an iPad or other tablet PC until a Windows 7 machine arrived, then your wait is over.

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Windows 7 sails past 25% market share mark

If you have been following the success of Windows 7, including when it took 10% market share after three months, and when Windows 7 finally surpassed Windows Vista in August, you’ll see it’s having a huge impact on the market.

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5 Ways Windows Phone 7 Puts Microsoft Back on Top

Sure Microsoft has its Windows Phone 7 naysayers, but the software giant is off to a strong start with its first round of smartphones. On Monday Microsoft surprised many cynics when it took the wraps off Windows Phone 7 platform and showed devices from HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell.

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Why Android Outsells Windows Phone 7?

We all knew Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 would have a hard time catching up with the leading contenders in the smartphone arena, and now there’s yet another fresh batch of evidence suggesting that it can’t.

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