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Windows 7: A great leap forward or Business as usual?

The public version of Windows 7 is getting closer. Discussions and debates on the improvement of security in the new platform was raging, and some potential problems have also arisen.

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Windows 7 Notable Features

Windows 7 is the successor of Windows Vista. It is an incremental upgradation of Windows line that aimed at recovering downsides of Vista. It was particularly designed for low end market by Microsoft.

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Is UAC any better in Windows 7?

UAC or User Account Control was a sorely needed but poorly implemented feature introduced in Windows Vista. With the positive buzz regarding Windows 7, is it possible the Windows team listened to feedback and made UAC practical to use? Read on to find out.

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Will you use Windows 7 Enterprise?

So I’m helping on the mission to determine exactly what the adoption of Windows 7 has been in the business. How did it begin to ask?

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Windows 7 Emulation Review

With a suitably-equipped Windows 7 computer you have the ability to emulate pretty much any other platform, whether it be with the creation of a virtual machine (best achieved on a PC with a multi-core processor) or by using dedicated emulation technology.

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Top 5 Windows 7 System Tools

Windows 7 has a good variety of system tools included in the operating system. A number of these system tools can be found on the start menu under System Tools, while others are slightly more hidden.

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What should you do before installing Windows 7?

So you’ve decided to take the Windows 7 plunge, having heard all the paeans to Redmond’s latest operating system. For many users, setting it up will be a simple case of popping in the installation disc and following the prompts. But there are a few steps you should take and decisions you need to make before and during the process.

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Windows 7 Parental Controls

I am sure your heart will be full of troubles if your kids are always using a PC and you’re probably worried about how much time they spend, what kind of games they’re playing.

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Sony VAIO Windows 7 Operating System Not Found Error

It appears that I am not alone, my Sony Vaio has been giving me this problem – ‘Operating System Not Found’ error message after a blue screen of death. According to Windows error log file, it is a 0xc000007b error.

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