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How to Change Password Icons in Windows

Many people enjoy customizing their computer as much as possible. You change your background, screensaver and the colors of your icons. You can continue this customization on Windows computers by changing the picture of your password icon. This method is available on all Windows computers XP through Windows 7. For the most aesthetically pleasing icon, choose a picture that is a small square, about 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Pictures that are too large will look odd when shrunk to password size.

First, log onto the administrator account on your computer. If there is only one account on the computer, this account is the administrator. If you are not sure if your account is the administrator, log out. Click on the start menu and scroll to “Shut Down.” Click on the “Log Out” button. Click on the account that says “Administrator” under it. Enter the password and click “Log In.”

Next, press “Start” and click on “Control Panel” to open the control panel. Click on “Add or Remove User Accounts.” In older versions of Windows, this will read “User Accounts.” Double-click on the image of the account you wish to change. Press “Change the Picture.” Press “Browse for More Pictures.” Click on the desired picture file and press the button that reads “Open.” This will change the password icon to your selected image.

For best results, chose a picture of a moderate size that looks good when shrunk to the size of an icon. You can find small, square icons by using a Google image search or by visiting a website that specializes in icons. These websites often feature pictures from movies and TV shows or picture of celebrities or recording artists. Other sites feature original artwork, fan art or animated icons.

Another picture options is cropping a small square from a favorite photograph of background. Open a picture editing program and draw a box around the area of the photograph you wish to use as a background. Click the “crop” button. If you have clicked too far, press “Control Z” or “Command Z” to undo the action. If you wish, you can also resize a picture into an appropriately sized icon. Click on the “Tools” menu and scroll to “Adjust Size” or “Resize.” Enter the desired dimensions into the height and width boxes. In some programs, this shrinks the image. In other programs, this crops the images. If you are unhappy with the editing, you can undo the action.

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