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Computer Repair Software for Windows 7

Need Software to Fix Your Windows 7 Computer Problems?

You’ve probably encountered commercials on radio, TV or online, promising software that will “double your speed” or repair common problems such as viruses, spam, popups or registry errors. Some of these software programs do the job for free and the rest for a price. The way many computer repair software sites work is this:

  • List common symptoms of a poorly-maintained computer
  • Raise the fear of viruses, Trojans, and other malware infections
  • Offer a free scan of your computer to show you how badly you need computer repair software
  • Let you download a free program that fixes only a few of the diagnosed problems
  • Sell remedies to the other problems, one remedy at a time
  • Sell an expensive all-in-one computer repair software package
  • Sell a subscription to periodic updates to keep you protection against future threats
Some of these software offers repair are sincere, but many are wolves in sheep’s clothing. You do not really know if the “free scan” report showing the real problems on your computer or a report from scratch to inspire panic and a “need” for the company’s products. Also, you do not know if you download the free fixing removes malware and infects your computer with more viruses and spyware disguised as something useful.
Be careful to research the reputation of any software provider of computer repair you face before accepting any free download from it, much less give them the credit card information. A quick search on Google or the Better Business Bureau web site may become red flags that should not be ignored. Personally, I’d stay away from those who advertise on radio or TV, for one simple reason. This type of advertising is very expensive, so you can be sure that these companies will do everything possible to recover their costs and make a tidy profit.

Trustworthy Solutions to Computer Problems

I have no problem with profit or honest capitalism, but on the other hand, why pay more than you should for software to fix your computer problems? Here are some solutions that work very well, and are free.

Advanced System Care is probably the best-selling all-in-one computer repair and maintenance of automated software on the Net. The free version does basic maintenance such as cleaning the registry and surface repair of corrupted files. The Pro version ($ 19.95, recently reduced from $ 29.95) does registry cleaning thoroughly, optimizing Internet speed, detection and removal of malicious software, and more. With the Pro version running in the background of your computer is constantly listening.

CCleaner is another popular, tried-and-true computer repair software package. It cleans and optimizes Windows registry entries to speed up operations and prevent system errors. CCleaner runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 98, and will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of those operating systems. You can find links to CCleaner and other similar programs in my related article Free Registry Cleaners.

Most computer repair software fixes “registry problems” – unused, obsolete entries in your Windows registry that, according to the vendors, clutter up the registry and cause your computer to run slower. It sounds plausible – if your desk is cluttered, you’ll work slower as you try to find what you really need. But it’s worth noting that many experts in Microsoft Windows 7 systems say that registry cleaners are unnecessary and can be downright dangerous! IT pros urge users to tinker with their registries only when a specific problem has been diagnosed, and not as a routine general maintenance procedure.

That’s not to say that computer repair software is totally useless; most such programs do more than “clean” the registry. They can modify esoteric IP settings to speed up Internet browsing; detect and repair corrupted files; sweep up temporary files that waste hard disk space; detect and delete spyware, tracking cookies, and other unwanted software planted by Web sites.

Do you have something to day about computer repair software? Post your comment, question, recommendation or horror story below…

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