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Customize Windows 7 Welcome Screen

When we start and shut down Windows 7 OS, we’re presented (albeit briefly) with a rather bland Welcome screen. Hey, we don’t do bland around these parts!

Allow me to introduce WinBubble, a free Windows-tweaker utility that lets you swap in a fancy wallpaper or just about any other image. In other words, you can now customize the Windows 7 welcome screen.

What is Winbubble?

WinBubble has so many tweaking options that it could easily overwhelm users. The user interface uses tabs and check boxes to keep the multitude of options organized and easy to activate. The program lets you add more options to your context menu, including a Safely Remove Hardware icon, an encrypt/decrypt option, and a WinBubble icon. The Tweaking Toolbox clears your cache and resets folder views. You can even customize icons and add a custom screensaver. Security options are also plentiful and let you apply administrator alerts, disable Internet Explorer features, and even hide specific drives. Most of the tweaks that we applied took immediate effect, and others required either a log off or restart the computer. The main drawback to the program is that it isn’t password-protected. That means that anyone can go in and change your settings. We were also disappointed to find that it doesn’t come with a Help menu. Rather, you have to visit the publisher’s site, which holds only a blog that doesn’t offer much information.

Customize Windows 7 Welcome Screen with Winbubble:

  1. Install and run WinBubble.
  2. Click the Windows 7 tab.
  3. Scroll through the available Logon Backgrounds (which are drawn from Windows’ available wallpapers) and click the one you want. You can also click Browse and choose and JPG image on your hard drive.
  4. Click Set to lock the new image in place, and then click View to get a preview of how it’ll look. Not happy with the results? Choose something or click Restore to bring back the original background.

Now, every time you start or shut down Windows, you’ll see the new background. It may appear for only a few seconds, but at least it’s the image you want, not the one Microsoft sticks you with.

By the way, WinBubble lets you tweak about a zillion other Windows settings. Feel free to poke around, but keep in mind that this is something of a power user’s tool. Proceed with caution.

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