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Disable Security Center Notifications in Windows 7

Security Center in Windows is responsible for monitoring the number of components that are essential for the security of your system. These are: Antivirus protection, Automatic Updates, User Account Control (UAC) Status, Firewall  and so on.

If there is a problem with any of them, Windows security center will notify you, by showing pop-up messages. However, this could be very annoying sometimes, and that’s why in this post I will show you how to disable those messages. Of course, this is not recommended from the security point of view  (especially for inexperienced users) because the consequences could sometimes be fatal for your system. But if you’re familiar with the security requirements of your operating system, just follow the instructions listed below.

Windows 7.

In Windows 7 the Security center has been replaced by the more useful Action Center, which brings not only security, but also maintenance and other alerts that need user attention.  Action Center is also intended to combine security settings and actions with system maintenance and recovery functions. It shows up as an icon in the system tray, displaying little white flag with red X if there are security problems with your system. Messages are very informative and can help you easily take the appropiate action, but sometimes those messages may seem somehow annoying. Fortunately, Microsoft makes it easy for you to turn the various types of notifications on or off, as you can see below.

Go to Start > Control panel > System and Security > Action Center and then click on the Change Action Center Settings.

Now select the components to be monitored.

Windows Vista.

In Windows Vista you can disable security notifications by accessing the security center from Windows Vista control panel. Use the following path Start > Settings > Control Panel > Security Center.

Select “Change the way security center alerts me” from the left side bar.

Now select the third option, that says “Don’t notify me and don’t display icon”.

Windows XP.

Go to Start > Control panel > Security Center and click on Change the way Security Center alerts me.

Then select the type of messages to be displayed by Windows.

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