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Disable Windows Aero in Windows 7

Aero was introduced by Microsoft as a new advanced visual interface to Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows Aero has a completely revamped design, which contains the transparent glass optics, the improved ability of thumbnail preview of opened applications users, smooth animations plus transitions and a new color collection create a mild and pleasant experience for the eyes of!

Is an integral part of Windows Aero Flip 3D function, view results in a new way to organize already open Windows in a 3-d style so that the user move taskbar by different window without clicking the the need.

Despite the fact that Windows Aero 7 takes increased Windows Vista and Windows with beautiful images and transitions, there is still a big bite out of system resources eating huge amounts of RAM memory resources.

Here’s how to enable and disable Windows Aero in Windows 7 for all Windows users that are concerned about their system’s performance; especially for gamers, 3D and visual editors:

  • First let’s go to the Start Menu > Control Panel > and look for Personalization.
  • Select any of the themes in “Basic and High Contrast Themes” so that you can choose an option that is suitable to your system performance needs.
  • Another simpler way to access the Windows version 7 Personalize option in Control Panel is to just right click on the Windows Desktop, select Personalize in the drop down menu and the screen above pops-up!

Did it work for you guys?

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