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Download Windows 7 SP1 from Torrents

Chances are that you have already got in touch with the leaked version of Windows 7 SP1. For those out there who haven’t yet done that, here’s something that could prove helpful.

The Windows 7 SP1 leak had come about a fortnight ago, and it being downloaded in all fervor on Torrent by enthusiasts all over. We have reasons to believe that the leaked Windows 7 SP1 is genuine and aimed at beta testing. The official release is expected to come about by the year end.

Although Microsoft has confirmed yet no service pack for Windows 7, the leaks clarify being companies already in them in a serious way. Going by what we have to learn thousands of people that is already installed. Many others are downloading torrents. The version that could download torrents, is the one that no significant improvements can occur but that means someone from downloading seem not to stop. Apart from the smaller updates that it, download the version, the version brings also a remote desktop on the RemoteFX updated based. This is in fact to the SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2, the also dynamic memory.

It is not only the current Web sites get the version out. Many others are now offering the download. But how to install the version get a beta testing watermark in every corner of the desktop, then see “evaluation copy”. With an expiration date of 1. April 2011, it remains doubtful whether upgrading from beta to the final possible.

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