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Enhance Windows Copy Operation with UltraCopier

Copy or move items from one place to another is an operation that we carry out almost every day. By default provides Windows copying which no features, users much i.e. it serves only as a fundamental tool to copy / move files to the desired location. Current versions of Windows 7 and Vista the only additional function to copy operation is detailed information about the ongoing transmission. But there are times when we have more functionality like break lust / resume feature, enable us to perform other tasks between large file copy, be without aborting in the middle.

UltraCopier is a freeware tool for windows to enhance copy operation with additional features. It offers various options of copy management, these can be use to control copy speed, preallocate disk space, pause function, changing priority for copy operation etc. It also shows particular details on files being copied.

This tool is easy to use and can be used on windows XP onwards and even in MAC and Linux. It resides in the system tray and can be configured from options obtained by right clicking on them.

Download UltraCopier – Enhance Windows Copy Operation

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