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Fujitsu demos 10.1in Windows 7 tablet

PC maker Fujitsu is looking to get in on the burgeoning tablet market with its own model.

Unlike many of the tablets currently hitting the market, Fujitsu’s recently announced creation won’t be running a mobile operating system like Android or iOS. Instead, it will be supplied with Windows 7 – a fully-fledged desktop operating system.

Although Fujitsu’s announcement didn’t come with any specifications, the fact that it runs Windows reveals much: the 10.1in device will almost certainly include a capacitive touch-screen with multi-touch support, an Intel Atom processor of at least 1.5GHz, and between 1GB and 2GB of RAM.

In this, the device will have more in common with a netbook than a tablet – and prospective buyers can expect roughly the same level of performance.

The company claims that it is looking to target the ‘prosumer’ market with a stylish device that is designed to “combine the best of smartphones and PCs” – suggesting that the company could be pricing the device at the higher end of the market.

Although the design of the device isn’t yet finalised, a late-model prototype has been unveiled by the company – and a video demonstrating its features is available over on YouTube.

Sadly, there’s no firm commitment to a release date from Fujitsu, beyond ‘early 2011,’ and the company is as yet undecided on pricing.

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