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Have You Lost Windows Recovery/restore/installation Cd Disk And Wondering How To Fix Your Computer?

ComputerTyping_crop380w_crop380w When you buy a new PC / laptop on a recovery CD for Windows system files or install individual Windows components that you get when something goes wrong. But chances are, you can go to the Recovery CD lost. As you would an operating system to correct errors that case you lost the recovery disk?

Many PC manufacturers do not provide recovery CDs in those days. Instead, the recovery files are stored in a hidden partition on the hard disk, making it more difficult to correct for errors when a hard drive crash. And the only way to replace Windows on a hard disk in this case again on a disk of PC manufacturers, the home demand. And most of the hard drive from the PC was made available was an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version to be lacking some features of a full version and are not entitled to updates.

Does not provide operating system installation CD is ideal for PC manufacturers and producers, but not for us – the PC user. Sometimes errors can only be obtained by copying a single file system be established. If you have a recovery CD into the CD-ROM, you reformat the hard disk and an image from your computer that has a replica of how the system on the day you purchased it (the default) is to reinstall. Any changes made will be wiped out. All of these programs you have installed all the patches and updates from Microsoft, everything is gone. The same applies if you return one of these hidden partitions

But how do you restore your windows installation cd image from hidden partition?

We hope that is what he did, producer copy of Windows XP CD-ROM image on your hard drive. Hard drives are so large these days that it takes up little space and has some advantages speak in a second.

To determine if the image of the CD ROM will appear on your computer, look for a folder called I386. There may be different, but what interests us in the vicinity of 7000 contains the files that are two of them and Winnt.exe winnt32.exe. The I386 directory is typically one of the top-level directory on the CD-ROM distribution, but above is the directory that contains the distributed copy of Windows XP. Winnt.exe and Winnt32.exe are the DOS and protected mode setup programs, respectively. (You should only need this if you intend to see to reinstall Windows XP from scratch – I use it as an easy way that we have the correct directory.) Now that you know that the CD – What happens if ‘ image ROM calls following the CD-ROM?

Do not worry, it’s actually quite simple. Insert a rule, the "CD" message is only an OK button and "Cancel". Press OK, so you can not. In the next dialog box, called a rule, give the location of the CD-ROM, simply type the full path to the I386 folder have previously discovered.

That’s it. But it gets better. Windows remembers. Now that you mentioned, where the Windows installation CD-ROM is to remember, dass The next time you are in a situation that might require the installation CD of Windows is at first sight when he discovers what is not needed then to worry about asking.

Personally, I think the practical thing – so that even if I close my Windows CD I’m also on my hard drive and copy of Windows at this point you copy the first time you have requested. Then it is not necessary to think or to insert the CD. And this technique works for many other CD-ROM products, including Microsoft Office.

Also refer to Microsoft’s knowledge base

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