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How to Access windows 7 Folder Options

Back in Windows XP System Folder Options always been easy, or use any file found. In the menu bar at the top of each window, you can add it to the View tab to find.

In Windows 7 that menu-bar isn’t there anymore (at least not appearing as default). A search on google will mostly tell you that you have to access the folder options through the Control Panel.

There is in fact a faster and simpler way…

From any window

Of course it’s possible to use the control panel solution – but if you want to access the Folder Options on a regular basis, why not do it this way ?

  1. Open a folder (any which one)
  2. Press ALT + T
    This will display the missing Menu bar.
  3. Click on the Tools Tab, and Voilá there you have it. The missing Folder Options.

Making the menu bar appear as default

Since we already are inside the folder options window, let’s make the menu bar appear on as default.

  1. In the Folder Options window, click the View Tab
  2. In the Advanced Settings part you find settings for Files and Folders. Locate “Always show menus”, and check it.
  3. Click OK

To remove the menu bar as default uncheck it in the list and you’re done.

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