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IE9 under a leaf from the book Windows 7

Microsoft has taken a leaf on Windows 7, the book in the development of opening Internet Explorer 9 – with the software giant things in advance to give the community an opportunity to educate the next generation of its browser .

With a market share of Internet Explorer drag, but the adoption of IE8 still encouraging for the company, Microsoft wants to teach the positive buzz from the open beta of Windows 7 in the world learned more are created increasingly competitive browsers.

Speaking to TechRadar, senior director of Internet Explorer, Ryan Gavin, explained that early glimpses into IE9 are keeping him happy.

"One of the things we [Microsoft Developers Conference MIX] has provided the overview of the Internet Explorer Platform 9," said Gavin.

"That’s the first time we’ve done it in the history of Internet Explorer. It’s not the not full browser but it’s just the underlying components."

Early adoption

"This is essentially allowing developers to the standards we are adopting some of the new capacity is seen to begin, how come the new JavaScript engine and experiment really, at first.

"This change of approach is something that we started with MIX with the first release – we committed to updating it every eight weeks and the feedback on this change of approach has been amazing."

We have speed tests at the beginning, shows the closure of Microsoft, but still slower than its main competitors in the famous SunSpider JavaScript test, but believes that Gavin real-time navigation performance IE9 the Directors will, without giving a strong message about the security underlying messaging his predecessor.

"You can expect our focus and leadership on privacy to accelerate – especially as we push on with IE9," said Gavin.

"It is extremely important, but our way of thinking, you create the top layer IE9 this basis, the amount of experience in developing new and then make the choice not altogether convincing, but incredibly convincing, because you’re on a building in a professional."

Three vital things for IE9

"Developers tell us three things; one that performance is incredibly important when you think about those Office web applications and new class of experiences and it’s really all round performance and not just speed," adds Gavin.

"The second is interoperability and here there is this notion of same markup; writing your code once and having it work across the web, another very important area that we’re looking at.

"And then the third area is to push for a new class of experience on the web with things like hardware acceleration.

"HTML5 really is on the cusp of delivering new experiences on the web – and all of this is underpinned a difference in approach for how we build IE9."

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