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Keep your children safe with Vista’s Parental Controls

It is better than cure. If you are a parent, you know what I mean when it comes to children with computers and the nature of the threats they go online. As a parent it is our responsibility that our children are not exposed to security vulnerabilities. Windows Vista has to maintain a large support for parental control your children’s safety. All you have to do is to configure and monitor activities.

Before you install Parental Controls in Windows Vista, you must ensure that you have to create separate user accounts for your children, so that you can set Parental Controls for specific user accounts, or you can adjust the height control by the user account (or child).

Follow these steps to configure Windows Vista to keep your kids safe using computers,

Step-1: Launch Control Panel


Login as an Administrator on your Windows Vista computer and click the Start button and then click on Control Panel.

Step-2: User Accounts and Family Safety


Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link.

Step-3: Setup Parental Controls option


Click on the “Set up Parental controls for any user” link.

Step-4: Choose the user whom you want to set up Parental Controls


Click thru the UAC prompt and click on the username for whom you want to setup Parental Controls.

Step-5: Turn on Parental Controls and Activity Reporting to keep your kids safe


Click on the “On, enforce current settings” option under Parental Controls and also “On, collect information about computer usage” option under Activity Reporting.

From now on you have enabled Parental Controls for the selected user. There are so many parameters that can configure the parental controls for fine tuning. Suggestions

Windows Vista Web Filter


Click on the Windows Vista Web Filter link to control the allowed websites and file downloads.


Leave the “Block some websites or content” option so that you can control what websites to block.


If you’re a little kid with a computer have, or if you are a parent conservative and I wanted to keep an eye on the computer activity of your children, you can check the "Allow only pages that are safely on the green list" option that the child can access sites that may. You can use a number of sites that you access with your child. If your child wants to go to a new website, he / she ask you to provide access and this way you have visited the absolute control over what type of websites your child.

Click on the “Edit the Allow and Block list” link to specify which websites you want to allow and which websites you want to block.


In the “Allow or Block specific websites” window type-in the website name you want to allow and click on the “Allow” button to add the website to the “Allowed websites” list. Click on the “Block” button to add the website to the “Blocked websites” list. Once done click on the OK button.

Now, your kid can only access the websites that you’ve added to  the “Allowed websites” list. If you know of your kid visiting websites that you don’t want your kid to visit then add those websites to the “Blocked websites” list.


If you don’t want to specify any specific websites then you can uncheck the “Only allow websites which are on the allow list” option. Windows Vista will enable “Block web content automatically” section. Adjust the restriction level based on your preference. Check the “Block file downloads” option if you want to restrict your kid downloading any files.

Time Limits


You can also possible if you want your child to use the computer and if you do not want your child uses the computer. Just click on the "possible" link on the main page of the window of parental control. If the information appears to mark the blocks of blue on the time you want to block your child’s computer. Click the OK button when done.



If your child is playing games, you can use to monitor the game checks if your child can play and if so, what kind of games you allow your child to play. Click "Play" link to configure the dialog box commands, "gaming, if you leave your child to play games on the computer and you would then consider what kind of game that you allow your child to play.

Allow and Block Specific Programs


You can also restrict the applications/programs that your kid can use on the computer by clicking on the “Allow and block specific programs” link on the main Parental Controls window. When you see the above window you can configure to allow your kid to use all programs or you can choose to allow some of the programs. Use your common sense to restrict the programs that you want your kid to use on the computer. You can always adjust the list anytime you want.

Activity Reports


When you have configured all these settings, once in a while you can review the activity reports to make sure the parental controls you’ve set are effective and if you see any suspicious activities then you can fine-tune the parental control settings. Click on the “View Activity Reports” link at the main Parental Control window to see the activity report. The Activity Report gives you information on “Web Browsing”, “System Activities”, “Application Activities”, “Gaming Activities”, “Email Activities”, “Instant Messaging Activities” and any “Media Activities”.

Windows Vista Parental Controls offer a range of settings, so you can really keep an eye on your child’s Internet and computer activities. I hope this article helps you to use detailed understanding of how parental control of Windows Vista for your children safely. If you have any questions or concerns about this please let us know in the comments.

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