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Make your Windows 7 Genuine

With Microsoft’s recent release of the Windows 7 Verifier update, many Windows 7 users may have experienced a black screen, stating that Windows 7 is not genuine. For the most part, this is an easy problem to fix, depending on your specific computer. Learn how to make Windows genuine.

Reasons for Windows 7 is Not Genuine Error

Before you decide how to make your copy of Windows 7 genuine, you should first figure out why you are receiving this error. I’m not going to point any fingers at anyone. Here are some common reasons that you may be getting this error:

- You downloaded a jacked version of Windows 7 from a torrent site or file hosting site, such as RapidShare.

- You downloaded a jacked version of Windows 7 with Limewire.

- You installed a legitimate version of Windows 7, but used a key generator or serial crack to activate Windows 7.

- Microsoft is simply inaccurate, and giving you problems with your fully legitimate, purchased key.

If you believe that one of the above errors may be causing your Windows 7 to show up as invalid, you can fix it simply and easily by either contacting Microsoft or purchasing Windows 7.

Is Your Version of Windows 7 Legitimate?

How do you make your copy of Windows 7 really? Now to do a hacked version, the best way there is legitimate, go buy a genuine copy of Windows install and thats on your PC. Windows 7 is by far not the cheapest software gives means. But if you want to be legit Windows, you need to get legitimate Windows. May want to consider buying a Windows 7 upgrade disk since they are considerably cheaper than Windows 7 full versions are.
However, you must be able to update to use an upgrade disk correctly from a current operating system. Also note a 32-bit upgrade disk will only upgrade of a 32-bit of previous operating system. Alternatively, 64-bit upgrade disk will only upgrade of a 64-bit of previous operating system.
In certain cases may not your computer that were on a Windows 7 install. For example, if you purchase the computer out of eBay, Craigslist, or a stranger can they installed a fake version 7 Windows have, just so they could sell the PC as a Windows 7 computer. If you believe this is the case of Microsoft and let them verify your Windows 7 key. Can your key by you the start menu, right-click my computer and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. At the bottom of the screen you will see your product ID. You can use this information when you call Microsoft. You can tell you if you are a purchased version of Windows 7.

If your version of Windows 7 is hacked, it is recommended that you contact the person who sold you the computer, and ask them to get you a legitimate version of Windows 7.

Making a Legit Copy of Windows 7 Genuine

It’s not unheard of for people with purchased copies of Windows 7 to get “Windows is not genuine” errors. This is a problem on Microsoft’s behalf that should be taken care of. If you are positive that the Windows 7 installed on your computer is legitimate, you need to contact Microsoft to get this issue resolved. If you purchased an actual copy of Windows 7, or purchased a computer (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc.) that came with Windows 7, you should definitely not be getting this error.

Microsoft technical support is average at best. But stay on them, and demand that they get Windows 7 working correctly to your needs.

Here is the official Microsoft support website.

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