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Microsoft Must Focus On 5 Things In 2014

The entire year 2014 is here, and when you thought the past a year were really something with regard to Redmond, then make room to get more amazement in what promises to become another exciting year forward.
Microsoft will, inevitably, launch many major items this year – new Surface pills, newer operating systems, traditional software, new fashioned fog up powered services. And one may also expect some major organizational modifications in our House of Home windows.
Through all this although, the company also faces a few important challenges. The year forward promises much, and it requires equally as much. From the tender is a brief rundown associated with some of the more important places Redmond needs to concentrate on, and focus on quickly:

Five Things Microsoft Needs To Focus On In 2014

An Office Within Metropolis

This year may potentially be big for Workplace. And I mean really large! There are enough hints as well as hearsay that the company is focusing on touch optimized versions from it Office suite of productivity programs. Versions, in this instance meaning, the most popular software may launch natively upon other mobile platforms like Android as well as iOS.
Big question the following is when?
Microsoft’s Chi Lu already confirmed a couple of months back in September that even though these applications are being programmer for devices like the apple ipad, they will only launch upon other platforms when it is economically sensible for Microsoft. Quite simply, this is nearly a confirmation that the Windows variations of these touch optimized applications would be the first to see sunlight.


The Merger Of Equals

There are several that believe there is absolutely no such thing like a merger of equals. However in the case of Home windows RT and Windows Phone, each platforms are currently riding on guarantees and ambitions. Sure, the actual smartphone platform has charted better achievement these past twelve months, however Redmond has made big plans because of its tablet operating system as well.
The biggest challenge within bringing them to fruition, still is merging the two (distinct, yet not too different) platforms together. Function has already begun on this top, and Microsoft recently admitted which seeing this done has actually turn into a priority.
A concentration like this, for Ms, means that it provides one less dedicated OPERATING SYSTEM to concentrate on, however for end users (and developers) it might result in a single app-store – buying two separate variations of Angry Birds for smartphones as well as tablets is not everyone’s concept of a fun time, right now, is it?
Once again, no expected timeframe with this, but seeing it carried out before the year is out will be the most pleasant of amazed. It will, in the end, come down to advancement time needed to accomplish this job.


The CEO Lookup

Don’t know about you men but I like my CEO notices quick and swift. The lengthier these are drawn out, the likelihood of making a wrong choice go up. Now undoubtedly, things are in good hands at Redmond with the special brand new committee that was set up a year ago to look for a brand new leader.
Plus all of us also have to consider that the person who gets chosen will only become the third CEO in Microsoft’s lengthy and illustrious history, to ensure that has to count for some thing.
Which also can make it a bit understandable why the procedure is taking a whilst.
But this change towards the top of the organization} will perhaps be the most important for the technology large. And hopefully one of the best selection will be made in choosing someone that oversees not only the brand new devices and services direction in Redmond, but also brings their (or her) ideas into the blend.
Ideally this ultimate decision is made early back in so the new individual in can get to work immediately.


The Windows Phone Puzzle

Microsoft’s mobile working platform grew from strength to power in 2013, but look at it this way – growth such as this is relative in the end. Even though it damaged the double digit market share numbers in some markets, and increased significantly in other, everything is far from ideal.
Much must be done with regards to adding features in order to Windows Phone, and Microsoft is actually keenly aware of this reality. The company delivered a few updates a year ago, but a major 1 slipped by a fair couple of months. Windows Phone eight. 1 (previously codenamed as Windows seven phone Blue) is due out through the middle of this yr. And for people keeping notes, it will likely be the first major change of the mobile OS as its launch in late this.
Equally important a few much needed (and lengthy overdue) improvements for business customers. Microsoft promised an enterprise function pack to be released by This summer 2013, and again, home elevators it has been rather rare to come by.
You can hope that once the Htc acquisition is complete, Microsoft’s brand new workforce in Finland works its miracle to turn the Windows Phone system into something more than a competitor.

Saying GoodBye To An Old Friend

Not really everyone in Redmond considers Or windows 7 to be a buddy, not when the faithful operating-system has overstayed its welcome with a few good years. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s support for Or windows 7 is finally coming to a conclusion on April eight, 2014 – some 3 months from now.
Reviews, however , suggest that numerous large enterprises, banks along with other such institutions around the world are still running this OS. Even though the majority are aware that staying with Or windows 7 after the cutoff date is actually flirting with danger. And protection disasters of this kind would be the last thing we want.
Admittedly, Ms has been doing a dandy work of pushing its customers towards more recent versions of its operating-system, and we can get a more aggressive approach since the deadline nears.
Right now whether these are joined by a few discounts and promotional price cuts with regard to Windows 7 or Windows eight. 1 remains to be observed. But common sense dictates this type of thing should be submit officially in this final extend, more so considering that businesses and businesses often cite budget constraints among the main reasons with regard to delaying their improvements.

A final thought, while there are not more pressing matters to deal with, many of these require a a bit more investment of time – slower uptake of Windows 8 and eight. 1, Surface along with other Windows powered tablets, Ask, Metro apps, etc and so on.

However the five fantastic things in the above list are those who Redmond will need to do more to put on the right course. Many might opine that all five might (and should) have been worn out 2013.

There isn’t a moment to waste materials then, is it?

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