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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft surface is a revolutionary touch screen computing platform. It has been developed for use in commercial environments. Microsoft asserts that its product can be of great benefit to those in the public sector, health, retail, hospitality and financial services.

The idea for Microsoft surface was first conceived by Stevie Bathiche and Andy Wilson. Approved Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in 2003 and finally launched after is several prototypes, the Microsoft surface to 2005 in life. Microsoft then claimed that the transition to Microsoft surface computing was important as the transition from the hard disk operating system (DOS), graphical user interface (GUI). Microsoft surface is not only a computer with touch interface, but a whole new category of devices that complement rather than replace the traditional machines.

The machine as widely accepted uses a touch screen but are five cameras that capture use to movements on the table surface. These five cameras are used to obtain a better resolution and speed. Each camera covers a small field of view. The surface is touched enough for four people for 52, all ten fingers use optimized and sit still 12 objects on the surface.

Features of Microsoft Surface

Direct Interaction: it allows user to directly interact with application without the use of mouse or keyboard

Object Recognition: This feature helps Microsoft Surface recognize the presence of tagged object placed on top of it.

Multi Touch Contact: This refers to the ability of having multi contact points with an interface, unlike with a mouse where there is only one cursor

Multi User: This means that more than one contact can be established with computer at any one time, a whole group can interact with computer simultaneously.

Microsoft touches the surface interface visualized to place the object above it addressed to 850 nm wavelength on the surface, and as soon as the object, infrared cameras react by collecting the article. It is a real advantage in the market this amazing property of this interface. Simply by you a mobile phone on the surface above, you are the location and price, all information about the cell phone including their properties, specifications, storage capacity. Microsoft surface is largely used as hotels by Sheraton.

Whether physical objects that tags similar to cash recognise identification code has is very useful for the hotel industry as surface. If a customer puts a glass of wine on the surface of a table, a restaurant could order them provide information about the wine they are pictures of the vineyard it came out and suggested food pairings tailored to the evening menu.

Developers are working to make more and more applications and some known interactive applications that are already in the workplace are Barclays Bank private account application, Sheraton Hotel application, MSNBC electoral reporting application (used in the year 2008 US presidential elections), Coldwell Banker home search application and patient advisor interface for Texas Health. More and more companies find useful and even more it back on Microsoft surface, to reinvent their customer experience.

Microsoft Surface itself comes with various applications:

Microsoft Concierge: it enables companies to display interactive maps and highland specific locations and attractions around their venue

Microsoft Music: it helps companies to add music collection to Microsoft surface unit, so users can browse, select and play.

Microsoft surface photos: it helps users to browse and control photos and videos that have been installed on surface.

Microsoft Surface water: it is similar to screen saver and comes pre- installed on Microsoft surface unit. It invites users to approach and touch surface and see how surface responds to touches and objects placed on screen.

Microsoft’s currently available version has a 2.13 GHZ processor, 250 GB hard drive and 2GB DDR2 RAM. The software used is windows vista and has wired Ethernet, wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. The Microsoft unit is quite expensive, a commercial Microsoft unit cost $12,500 while the developer Microsoft surface unit costs $15,000.

Very similar features and functionality of Microsoft surface introduced SMART Technologies in 2009 SMART table. It is learning center interactively specifically designed for elementary school students. Is SMART table with different educational applications, including puzzles, installed addition and multiple choice questions. Teachers can use their own individual lessons and content for the table.

The basic feature of Microsoft Surface is that it turns an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, dynamic surface that provides effortless interaction with all forms of digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects.

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