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Microsoft is Upgrading Surface Pro 2

Tablets powered by Windows 8. one Pro may be a step at the rear of other solutions with regards to firmware and car owner issues, but boy, including and subtracting hardware elements during these devices is certified take.

We can thank the actual x64 architecture for this – and also the myriad of choices this structures offers.

surface-pro-2-Take the Surface area Pro 2 for instance. It merely requires got a brilliant new processor chip upgrade. According to a brand new report, Microsoft has silently upgraded the CPU in its range topping tablet and is now shipping Tablets that are powered by one 9GHz Intel Core i5 cpus instead of the one 6GHz that were available previously.

Nothing drastic, however a nice speed bump nonetheless.

A Redmond spokesperson verified this change to The Brink, without shedding more light or even offering specifics behind this speed bundle. But if an upgrade is actually feasible, why not? This is actually the quotation:

“Microsoft routinely makes little changes to internal components on the lifetime of an item, based on numerous aspects including supply chain partnerships, accessibility, and value for our clients. With any change to equipment or software, we work to make sure that the product experience continues to be excellent. ”

Keener eye among you may notice that both of these processors are actually quite comparable, save for the clock price increase. In fact , it does not take only major noticeable distinction between the 4200U as well as 4300U.

Still, it will provide better performance during rigorous tasks, a welcome inclusion.

The report claims this hardware upgrade has been around effect since Dec. Having said that there is absolutely no word yet on if the Surface 2 (RT model) can get similar specification improvements down the road or not. Most likely not, but you just dont know!

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