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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Except, not quite: for Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise are essentially identical. If both computers have Windows 7 in front of you, one Ultimate and an operating company, the only way you can have a difference of start-up screen of the system, where he describes the version you are using make.

The crucial difference is how you buy them. Windows 7 Ultimate is buying for everyone, while Windows 7 Enterprise is only available to business customers, by qualified majority, Microsoft signed licensing scheme.

This means that several features Ultimate, which includes most appropriate for business and for the fans. AppLocker is a good example. This limits the applications can be installed on a network, but it is not unlikely in connection with a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 work that found a use for the average home.

Potentially more BitLocker is used. This has enabled full disk encryption, which focuses installed in conjunction with a Trusted Platform Module in laptops for many companies: BitLocker, and the only way someone can get your hands on your confidential data, entering the word correct password (or using biometrics such as fingerprint readers). And when they remove the disc from the laptop, there is no way to access all data on the hard disk.

BitLocker debuted in Vista, but new in Windows 7 – new and exclusive is the Ultimate and Enterprise – BitLocker To Go This encryption allows use on a USB drive and other portable devices, while the information may Encrypted Disk with Windows XP and Vista will be read (if the password is entered, of course), only 7 Windows systems can write to the encrypted hard drive.

There are other technical improvements, too, including DirectAccess to enable seamless connections between mobile users and their office network. It’s also possible to switch your OS between 35 different languages, which isn’t possible in either the Home Premium or Professional editions. Support for booting from Virtual Hard Disks is another benefit Ultimate holds over its lesser brethren, and we explain how to do just that in our article on how to install Windows 7 to a Virtual Hard Disk.

Owner of Windows Vista Ultimate is not too surprised to hear that Microsoft has the much-maligned "Ultimate Extras" fell, bonus programs such alleged that drew anger when life Vista.

Fortunately, the Ultimate Edition of Windows 7 is also emerging in other areas: including all the new features and improvements in other versions of Windows 7 in addition to a variety of technical improvements, it will please amateur hackers and IT managers who are not on the scale Microsoft licenses.

So it’s not cheap, however. If you are from PC World, today upgrade costs £ 170 Including VAT, while the full version costs about £ 190 including VAT. It is difficult in this effort, so best most people with a OEM version as they become available, will be used to justify. However, if you have the best version of Windows 7, and they have now, then you will not be disappointed with Windows 7 Ultimate.


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