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Network Security of Microsoft Windows 7 Operation System

MusicSites_crop380w It has an important role in communication and exchange of data around the world. Given the high risk of operations Internet, Microsoft has a big improvement in the security features of the latest Windows 7.

Microsoft has introduced four security features under Windows 7, which are Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, User Account Control and Administrator account. Besides, it is equipped with Action Center to deal with any kind of issue.

You can protect your computer and ultimately data stored in it from unauthorized access. It would secure the sharing of data under LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network).

User Account Control generate frequent alerts, which comes as pop up. If you have a password on you account, it will asks your password when you download something, repeatedly, when you are surfing over Internet, which is quite annoying. So don’t forget to set a password on your account, but make sure your password easy to remember. It is troublesome to reset Windows 7 password. If you lost your password, you can use some Windows 7 password recovery software which is used for Windows 7 password reset. Moreover the Windows Firewall has been noticed to become inactive or disable under the influence of some sophisticated viruses.

With the increasing number of cyber-crime, it should be known to you, regarding the security of computer network is essential. Your business web-surfing and communication via social networking sites, customer e-mail and instant messaging chat can be controlled by hackers. Apparently, Microsoft is also aware of the growing threat of the Internet, and it has made a big improvement on the security features to keep your computer information is not pirated or stolen by unauthorized persons.

In addition to this, you can search for a Windows 7’s compatible Internet security programs and install them for getting more effective result.

It was a great review of the security features of previous Windows Vista, including Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, User Account Control and the Administrator account. Now the Windows firewall filters incoming and outgoing content that was previously limited only to the incoming data. Windows Defender in the latest version can be customized and it’s an "Advanced settings", available in the Control Panel. Now he can make a quick, full or partial scan of your computer network. You can select the network area, you want to diagnose as the public network, network or network work. User Account Control your Windows 7 is another Internet Security Officer. This prevents another person from the disturbing features of Internet Security from your computer in your absence.

With effective Internet security features of Windows 7, you can keep your data over your computer safe and secure from Internet hackers. You can make your online trading and banking without any tension. Moreover you get freedom from unwanted programs, which unnecessarily occupy your computer’s memory and make it slow and sluggish in performance.

You may experience problems when installing software on your computer because the firewall settings. Then, it can block ads from Pops and useful resources, such as banks and some institutions. However, it is temporary, you will find useful changes in the "Exception to do." Another limitation was discovered as a Windows Firewall feature is disabled on your own check under the influence of some of the latest viruses.

Always keep your operating system and related software updated with latest available patch on manufacturer’s website. For the MS related products keep your Windows Update enabled. A regular monitoring should be done about the status of Windows Firewall and Windows Defender along with the installed antivirus program on your computer. Avoid yourself from unauthentic websites and do not access e-mails coming from unknown sources, it may be a source of virus or spyware.

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