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Restrict child’s computer usage with Windows 7 Parental Controls

Windows 7 provides a comprehensive set of tools to restrict and keep an eye on the computer usage of your kids.

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Microsoft denies it built ‘backdoor’ in Windows 7

Microsoft today denied that it has built a backdoor into Windows 7, a concern that surfaced yesterday after a senior National Security Agency (NSA) official testified before Congress that the agency had worked on the operating system.

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Mac’s Parental Controls

Mac’s Parental Controls gives you better control over your kids computer and internet activities.

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Keep your children safe with Vista’s Parental Controls

It is better than cure. If you are a parent, you know what I mean when it comes to children with computers and the nature of the threats they go online. As a parent it is our responsibility that our children are not exposed to security vulnerabilities. Windows Vista has to maintain a large support for parental control your children’s safety. All you have to do is to configure and monitor activities.

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IE9 under a leaf from the book Windows 7

Microsoft has taken a leaf on Windows 7, the book in the development of opening Internet Explorer 9 – with the software giant things in advance to give the community an opportunity to educate the next generation of its browser .

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Little trick to reset Windows account Password!

Method one: Login with the default administrator account;Method two: TRY command prompt about password reset trick ; Method three : use a Windows Password Recovery cd

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