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Place Windows in 9 position grid with TicClick

TicClick is a mouse and tray utility for positioning the active window in one of the nine spots just like the positions in the game Tic Tac Toe. A mouse hotkey, Win key + Left by default brings up a small grid having 9 buttons, a ‘U’ button and a mouse button. To move a window to a particular position, first click on the button, then you will observe that your active Window has shifted its position.

The image above shows positioning of Windows in 4 positions. (You can position up to 9 positions)

If you do not see some Windows moving, then do not panic, as few Windows may not move as they have custom draw functions and insists on being dragged by mouse. The ‘U’ button of TicClick is used to Undo the last move performed and a mouse button is there to move the Window`s top left corner to the current mouse position.

This nifty little application comes handy when you need to open various Windows; handling all the Windows and then switching from one to other can be irritating. Using this TicClick, you can place the Windows in different positions, thus allowing you ease to perform the required task.

TicClick is a freeware having a file size of 243KB. It runs very well on all Windows operating system.

Download TicClick

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