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Preme for Windows 7 is A system optimizer tool

The introduction of Windows 7 has done a world of good to the users as it comes with a lot of features and support. Preme is a system optimizer product which lets you manage the Windows more easily and enhance the existing features. It comes with a lot of options which you can enable it or disable it according to your requirements.

Some of the key features of Preme are as follows:-

  1. You can close any active application by pressing ESC twice.
  2. Its Touch Start option makes it possible for you to access the start menu options by just hovering the mouse pointer over start menu.
  3. It comes with Touch Slide Window option which allows you to place any two windows to the right and left of the screen, thus making your desktop less congested.
  4. Preme also supports a feature called ‘Always on top’ which allows you to place any application on top of the screen. Further, you cannot place any other application on top of that.
  5. You can close any application by pressing the wheel and then releasing it when cursor is pointing to the title bar.
  6. You can view all the applications open in Alt + Tab style of Flip 3D by moving your mouse to the upper left corner of the desktop.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Preme also comes packed with a lot more petite features.

The best part is that it is Free and has a size of just 977 Kb. It is a must have software for those who further want to enhance the functionalities of features supported by Windows 7.

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