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Receive Gmail alerts through Gmail Peeper without opening Gmail program on your browser

The following tutorial will guide you how to get Gmail to Google Mail Peeper alerts about Google without opening the mail application on your browser. Gmail Peeper is a simple desktop Gmail Notifier that you receive your e-mail messages in an attractive and easily without the need to open, your Internet browser. Gmail Peeper uses the Gmail server secure RSS feeds, mails on your desktop.

The software is in the system tray and will be running in the background without much of your system resources. The Gmail Peeper can in such a way that you automatically schedule, a time interval for how often you want alerts received and it is also an option, you can register to automatically launch the software system can be configured.

The following section describes a step-by-step instruction of how to install and configure Gmail Peeper to receive Gmail alerts on your desktop.

NOTE: before installing the Gmail Peeper software, you need to install the framework on your system. If you don’t have this software installed, download and install it from the following link.

Download framework

Similarly, download the GmailPeeper software from the following link

GmailPeeper download

1) After downloading the file, click on gmailpeepersetup.exe file to start the installation process.

2) In the Gmail Peeper Installation window thus opened, select a destination folder where you would like to install the software using the Browse button and once done, click on the Next button to continue with the installation.

3) In the next step, you have to select a Start Menu folder in which you would like to place the shortcut for the software and once done, click on the Next button.

4) In the next step, if you would like to create a desktop shortcut icon for the software, then select the checkbox that says Create a Desktop icon and click on the Next button.

5) In the next step, click on the Install button to start installing the software.

6) The installation hardly takes few seconds and once the installation is complete, click on the Finish button.

While you clicked on the Finish button in the previous step, if the checkbox Launch Gmail Peeper was selected, then you should have the GmailPeeper main window opened on your screens. If it isn’t opened, click on the shortcut icon of GmailPeeper present on your desktop.

7) In the Gmail Peeper window thus opened, select the Settings tab.

Under the Settings tab, enter your Gmail account Username and password.

9) If you would like to start the Gmail Peeper when you login to your system, then under the Other Settings category, select the checkbox that says Start Gmail Peeper with Windows.

10) If you would like to schedule a time interval for receiving updates, then select the checkbox that says Check for Gmail Peeper updates and then specify the time interval accordingly to your requirements.

So, this is how you can use Gmail Peeper to receive Gmail alerts without opening your browser.

Compared with previously covered tools, this one is much simpler, comes without any ornamented features and options to tweak with. If you’re in to applications which are not boasted with irrelevant features, this little nifty Gmail notifier is certainly for you. It works with Windows XP/Vista/7 provided you have .Net Framework 3.5 or higher installed already. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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