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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7?

Hi, I have accidently deleted some really important files, and emptied the recycle bin. Is there any easy ways I can restore files?

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Windows 7 Os is Microsoft’s one of fail-safe device to avoid deletion of files or programs you didn’t want to delete. Typically, when most files are “deleted,” they’re sent to the Recycle Bin and can be recovered easily. When you delete files from Recycle Bin (Means you emptied the Bin), they are supposedly deleted permanently.–But there are hopes to recover deleted files in Windows 7 sometimes.

Deleting Files into Recycle Bin

When a file is deleted, it usually goes to the Recycle Bin. This does not actually delete the file but hides its directory information, which can be restored. Open Recycle Bin, locate the deleted file and click it by the right key of mouse in your hand. Click “Restore”.

Deleting Files from Recycle Bin

When files are deleted from Recycle Bin, they are supposed to be erased permanently, but the files are still there! ¨C Your system just indicates that the space the deleted file is located on the hard drive can be written over by new data now.

Tenorshare Data Recovery StandardThere is no function to restore files in Windows platform, but some third-party file undelete program such as Tenorshare Data Recovery can retrieve deleted files from empty recycle bin.

Here is a step by step guide to recover deleted files in Windows.
Step 1: Select “Deleted Recovery”. Choose the drive your files were located, click “Scan”;
Step 2: Select deleted files folder in the files list, check files in the task list window and click “Recover” to start Recovery;
Step 3: Check the formatted files in taskbar, click “Recover” to undelete files;
(Tips: Before recovering, you can preview pictures and audio. Click file in the task list, and you will see pictures or audio display in the right window automatically.)
Step 4: Select a path for the recovered files, Click “OK” to complete recovering deleted files .

Deleting Files with Shift + Delete Keys

When you press Shift key while deleting a file, this file won’t go to Recycle Bin and will need to be recovered with third-party file undelete program as well.

Hopes for Deleted File Recovery

After deletion, if you save or install something on your computer, it’s highly possible that the file you want to retrieve is now written over and gone for good. Therefore, do as little as possible to your computer and run file undelete program to recover your deleted files.

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