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Recover Windows 7 via System Restore

Have you ever encountered such a situation——You find that you completely remove the files are still used,sometimes the system fails and all of the files are missing.What would you do ?Now you may need System Restore recover computer.

Start Recover

Type system restore into the search box in the Start menu and hit Enter.

You will immediate see a screen where you can choose to roll back the system to the last restore point. You can select “Recommended restore”, and just click next, or you can choose a different restore point.

You will get a list of different restore points and the description of what was taking place when it was created. Click on the box next to Show more restore points.

Now scroll through and determine which restore point you want. For example, we know our system started being unstable at the time of trying to get rid of Office 2010…so we’ll pick a restore point that is a couple days before that when everything was working successfully.

Click the button to Scan for affected programs like this:

The scan will kick off and determine what will be affected by the restore point you choose.

Then it brings up the results. It shows which programs and drivers that will be deleted…And what programs will be restored (though they may not work correctly and need to be reinstalled). This is goo information to know when selecting a point to recover. If some important drivers or programs would be deleted, you might want to try another restore point. Although, you may not always that luxury and will have to go with the one that works.

Confirm the restore pint and click Finish.

Click Yes to the message saying that it can’t be undone until it has completed, or cannot be undone if running it from Safe Mode.

The System Restore process begins…

You’ll see a series of messages display while the process completes and different things are being restored. The amount of time it takes to complete will vary between computers.

After returning from the restart, you’ll have a message advising it was completed successfully and the time and date it was restored to.

Then you can get your files back.


This feature may be rarely used, but learned how to do is no harm.You cannot sure that you wouldn’t use it someday.

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