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Predictable Tips on Ways to Recover Lost Windows 8 Password!

“Forgot Windows 8 password?”

You may don’t believe your eyes, because Windows 8 has not even been released yet. Believe or not, please read out this article.

Microsoft Windows has introduced a series of operating systems. In 2011, Windows has approximately 82.58% of the market share of the client operating systems. Since in 1985, Windows has successfully gone through the stages of progressive development. Every operating system produced by Microsoft gets wide popularity, from MS-DOS to the most popular systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even the upcoming Windows 8.

Three ways to password protect Windows 8

As a computer enthusiast, in the past time I’ve got very close relationship with my dear window XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems. Now even though window 8 hasn’t been released, I have collected pretty much information about it. According to what Microsoft has said, the forthcoming Windows 8 system could use a “picture password” security system, involving tapping, circling, and touching images. It is a new and also significant security feature compared with all the existing Windows operating systems. So, obviously we can conclude that there will have two ways available when you login in Windows 8 operating system: traditional text password and picture password. Additionally the traditional text password will include normal or existing local password and PIN password. All these three types of login password will well protect users’ security.

Since the security of operating system has been largely improved and we computer users will have more choices in setting a password, but have you ever thought about if you forget Windows 8 password? Forgetting your computer login password is nothing surprising at all, and what’s more it’s surely nothing related with which Windows operating system you are using. You may regularly change your login password or you set the password by random etc. all these cases can cause memory loss on your Windows password. I am a forgetful person, and I have to work out ways to make up my forgetfulness. When I forgot my Windows XP, Vista and 7 passwords, I could easily recover them by using a third party application, named Windows Password Recovery Tool. Can it help me find my forgotten Windows 8 password too? I’ve been thinking these days.

Like what I have said above, there would have normal text local password, PIN password and picture password for Windows 8. Undoubtedly, by using Windows Password Recovery, the normal text local password and PIN password can be also cracked because this is similar as what Windows Password Recovery works on other operating systems. Then what about the picture password?

According to what the staff of Windows Password Recovery said recently, they are working their best to figure out ways to upgrade their Windows Password Recovery program so that even Windows 8 picture password can also be recovered by the program. What good news it is!

Recover Windows 8 normal text local password without lose anything

Here are the simple guide:

Step 1: Download Windows Password Recovery Tool and install it in any available computer

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Step 3: BIOS settings of your locked Windows 8 computer to make it boot from CD/DVD or USB flash drive

Step 4: Recover forgotten Windows 8 password successfully

But In my opinion, most of people will still use normal text password for admin password as we have been accustomed to it. Anyway you would never feel panic if you lost Windows 8 password, Windows Password Recovery can be your good hand.

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