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Regain Access to Windows

Forgetting Windows password is a popular problem that happens every day. Such kind of questions can be found in every corner of forums and social networking sites. In the “old days”, it is really a disaster because this meant that you have to reinstall Windows to access to and everything on your computer may be lost.

But today’s story is a bit different, if you have forgotten your password, you can easily find Windows password without reinstallation. That’s because we found a Windows Password Reset which can reset or recover the password for logging on the system operating. It is completely safe and easy-to-use, even for a novice of computer user, as long as you follow the step-by-step directions as follows.

Part I: Regain Access to Windows

Step 1: Boot the computer that can’t access to Windows with this CD. And you will get into the main interface of this utility.
Step 2: Select the Windows installation, and then highlight the user account you would like to reset and click “reset”.
Step 3: Click “OK” when an indicator pops up.
Step 4: After removing password, you must restart your computer to make the setting active.

Part II: Burn bootable CD

Step 1: Prepare another computer which can access to Windows as administrator, and insert a blank CD into the CD-ROM drive.
Step 2: Download Windows Password Reset, install and run this program.
Step 3: Select the recovery mode you desire: reset Windows password for local account or domain administrator.
Step 4: Kick your device to burn “CD/DVD” (you also can choose USB as long as you choose Pro or Enterprise Version).
Step 5: Click “burn” to start burning bootable CD.

Tips: Are you wondering how strong should be your new Windows password is? Here I recommend a nifty litter tool which will tell you how long it would take to crack the password you provide by using the Brute Force. Just type your password in the input box here. It runs inside your browser through JavaScript and therefore your passwords won’t be transmitted anywhere which you are checking their relative strength. Thanks to it, you can reset your new password while using Windows Password Reset.

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