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Reset Windows 7 Password

How you can reset Windows 7 password?


If that happens you forget your password for Windows 7 and you want to restore. So, first you recovery CD password. The recovery CD can be a USB flash drive or floppy disk. You can not have a CD as a hard reset password.

For resetting Windows 7 password by using a password reset disk, you need to follow below steps :

STEP 1 : First item on the welcome screen of Windows 7, you must enter a blank password in the Password text box, then press the Enter key or have to click the OK button.

STEP 2 : The operating system Windows 7 will give you the information you provide is that the user account name or password is entered incorrectly.

STEP 3 : After this click on OK, for coming back to the Welcome screen,

STEP 4: Then, click on the Reset password link that appears below the password text box. After which the Password Reset wizard will start.

STEP 5 : On the Welcome page, click on Next.

STEP 6 : You must then click the Reset page to insert the disk “Password”, and select the USB flash drive or a floppy disk you want to serve you.

STEP 7 : Now insert the password reset disk into the drive, and click on Next.

STEP 8 : Enter a new password and password hint, which you want to set as your  password and hint on reset the user account password page, and then click on Next.

STEP 9 : Click on Finish.

Windows 7 Password Reset is very easy process.

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