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How to Reset Windows 8 Password?

My wife’s mother just gave my wife a laptop (Windows 8) since my wife is about to start online college in the next few months. So my wife was on the admin account changing the password and user name and such since it was her mothers old laptop and low and behold when she gets done she turns off the computer, and later when she try’s to use it again… the password that she entered wont work.

I’ve tried shutting the laptop off mid boot and sending the it into safe mode to bypass the account but that apparently that only works on Windows XP, and Ive also tried going into the setup when its booting and changing the password and it hasn’t worked. My wife has also tried to do a few things that shes found on the internet but none of them have worked.

If anyone knows what we can do besides wipe the memory and reinstall the OS, please let me know. My wife REALLY needs this laptop up and running asap, and I don’t have the money to buy a new OS or any program at this point, so any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks for the help ahead of time!


reset windows 8 password

Windows8 released several years, and Microsoft claims no longer sold windows7. You may have to upgrade to Windows8 or 8.1, and is exploring the use of new mysteries. But many people forget to prepare a basic Windows 8 password reset disk. I will show you some tips to bypass Windows 8 user account password.

Use Reliable Software to Reset Windows 8 Password

If you want to seek help from reliable software, Windows Password Reset Tool is able to recover Windows 8 password for you, including reset Windows 8 user password, Windows 8 administrator password, etc. It’s by far the most effective trick under any circumstance. Here are 4 easy steps:

  • A. Download and install Windows 8 Password Reset tool to a computer that you have access to.
  • b. Burn a Windows 8 password resetter onto a CD/USB flash drive.
  • C. Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the Windows 8 computer which you forgot login password, and use it to boot the locked computer.
  • D. Select the target Windows 8 user account, then click “Remove password” to start reset Windows 8 password to blank.

With Windows 8 password reset, forgot Windows 8 password is no longer a hard nut to crack!

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