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Free and Fast Methods to Reset Windows domain Password

Your domain user name and password are used to connect to the camera and card sharing resources in a domain. To avoid or escape on your PC a serious data loss, you should regularly reset Windows domain password and user ID. You can use these tips to ensure that you have so justly while ensuring your password Windows domain .

Change the password of a Windows domain if you forget it.

Tip 1 : reset another user account with administrator permissions word domain password .

Once you have lost or forgot your domain administrator password, you can always change , using other user accounts. Then another account user login on your PC, and next steps are primarily the same as a tip .

Tip 2 : Administrator Password Reset field with a reset disk password field.

Note: After the password of a user is reset by the high -Tip One, Two and Three , some types of information are not available, such as files , the encrypted user and Internet passwords that are stored on the computer, etc. , whereas with a reset disk password field can avoid all those data loss. Here are detailed instructions on how to create a reset disk password field instructions and how it works on the hard disk password reset domain .
reset domain password

  • First prepare a CD / DVD / USB , then I prefer a USB for convenience.
  • Second Download Windows Password Recovery Corporation and install it on an accessible PC.
  • 3 Connect the USB device to the non – problem PC and burn ISO image file company recovery Windows password for them.
  • 4 See how below, just click ” Burn” to start burning. Once the burn is complete , click “OK “, then remove the USB device from the PC then .Now , create a reset disk password field , you’re done. So keep early to pass a password reset domain administrator .
  • 5 Make sure you start your locked computer password reset disk area newly created in the BIOS.
    ( Note: . Generally, start the computer and press “F2″ , “F10 ” or “Delete ” to enter the BIOS setup )
  • 6 : Restart the admin password and domain password reset disk area burned password , simply click on “Next” , then change “reboot” on the interface.


Change the Windows domain password before you forget

Tip 3 : Do domain password reset by the command line.

For some reason , ” Active Directory Users and Computers ” MMC will not start. Then we can use the command line for now .

  • First Click “Start ” and type ” cmd ” in the Run command, and then press Enter to open the command prompt.
  • Second Now type net user in the command prompt and press Enter.
  • 3rd Then type net user xyz 123 ( xyz is the name of the administrator account is disabled and 123 is the new password. ) ​​And press Enter.

You have now successfully changed your password field.

Tip 4: Change the password field ” Active Directory Users and Computers.”

First Click ” Start” then ” Control Panel” . Then , double- click “Administrative Tools → Active Directory Users and Computers.”
In the second console tree , click “Users” .
3 In the details pane , right-click the user name , then click ” Reset Password”.
4 Enter a new password in ” New Password ” and ” Confirm Password ” and click “OK”.

Well, I ‘m sure there are other ways to password reset field , but what I have written here are those the easiest and safest . Good luck!
(Hint : Do not forget to rename your domain administrator user ID security reasons . )

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