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Configure Parental Controls in Windows 7 to Restrict Computer And Internet Usage Of Your Kids

If your kids spend to much time on Facebook or computer games all day long, you might want to limit computer usage for your children. This is, if the parental control, you can Windows 7 parental controls to use to manage how you spend your time your children on the computer until deadlines be set, access to some programs or Web pages and so on.

Before you proceed, please take note of the following things:

  • You will need an administrator account to set up parental controls on your computer running Windows7.
  • All the other user accounts must be a regular user and not an administrator. If the user accounts of your child is an administrator, this will defeat the entire purpose of setting up restrictions or parental controls.
  • The administrator account must be password protected, else your kids can turn off parental controls by logging into your user account.

Turn on Parental Controls in Windows7

1. Type “parental controls” in Windows7 search box and hit the return key. This will open up the parental control window from Windows control panel, as shown below:

2. Select your children’s user account on whom you want to setup parental controls and then select the radio button that says “On, enforce current settings”

The parental controls have now been turned on for the specific user account. Now it’s time to setup customized restrictions on programs, content and time limits.

Setting up Time Limits Restrictions Using Parental Controls

After activating parental controls, click the Time limits link and you will be shown the following window:

Next, select the time or hour of the day when you want to restrict kids from using the computer. Click the small rectangular blocks and it will turn blue, as shown below:

You can further choose to block an entire day by dragging the hours you want to block or allow. When you are done, click “Ok” at the bottom of the screen to activate the time limit restrictions.

That’s it, now whenever your kids want to access the computer during blocked hours they will see a message

“Your account has time restrictions that prevents you from logging at this time. Please try again later”

This is very useful when you are way from your home and want to restrict access at specific time of the day for other users of the shared computer.

Restrict Program Access With Parental Controls

In the same way, you can control which programs your kids can use and which software applications they can’t access. This will be useful when you want to restrict access to specific programs in Windows and don’t want other users of the same computer to use certain software applications.

To do this, first click “Allow or Block specific programs” from the parental controls window and you will see the following screen:

Now select the radio button “User can only use programs I allow” and choose the programs in the drop down menu as shown above. You can also block access to pc games, apart from regular software applications.

It turns out that using parental controls in Windows7 is a very easy way to control computer usage of your kids or other shared family members. You can also use parental controls in school, office or workplace – not just home.

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