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Security – Windows 7 Vs Vista

Security is always a major concern for new operating systems, and Windows 7 is no exception. Microsoft made a number of changes to the security system of Windows 7 as a result of complaints about the security features of Windows Vista, the previous iteration of the Windows operating system.

The Action Center

Alerts about new threats and problems arise at all different times in Vista, and Vista stores electronic logs of these warnings in different locations. Windows 7 eliminates this issue with the Action Center, a feature users can access through the task bar. The Action Center provides a central location for all alerts and storage of logs.


Windows 7 offers users a more customizable security solution than Vista when it comes to Windows Firewall. Vista users have to change security preferences to suit their own needs each time they use the computer. Windows 7 allows different users to customize Windows Firewall based on their log-in status.

Account Control

Windows 7 features a more streamlined account permissions system, allowing users to choose how often the system prompts them for permission to make settings changes or install new programs. These settings are not customizable in the Vista operating system.

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