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Set and Reset Windows Vista Password

Creating a strong Windows Vista Password is a critical step you must take to protect your privacy or confidential data from unauthorized access. But most people are frustrated on how to choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. This article will tell you how to archive it. If you accidently forgot this strong password, in part 2, I list the solution to recover Vista password. So you will never have any problems about Vista password any longer.

Part I: How to create a strong Vista password

You need to avoid using common password like “123456″ or your name as your Windows Vista password. Follow these few simple steps to generate a password you can easily remember and help you protect your system access.

1. Write down some phrases that stand for specific meaning for you personally. Those may be a famous Proverbs you remember clearly, or the sentences your mom often said to you in your childhood. In a word, something you have critical memory in your soul.

2. Choose the words in your phrases which can be types as number or letter. For example, the word “for” can be typed as “4″ and the word “be” can be typed as “B”.

3. If you use phrase “Be swift to hear, slow to speak”, the phrase can be transmitted as “Be swift 2 hear, slow 2 speak”

4. Break your phrase down into a unique password by taking the first letter of each word, then your password changes to “BS2HS2S”.

5. Change some characters to lower case, and it would work better. You password looks like “BS2hs2s”.

6. Insert some special characters such as “#” or “_” to make the password more difficult to crack. Then your password can be as “#BS2hs2s_”.

Part II: How to Reset Vista Password if I forgot?

reset vista passwordThough the password you created is seemly easy-to-remember, but there still be instances that you forgot Windows Vista password for these or those reasons. How should you do? It may be not too difficult for those advanced computer users, but how about the computer novices? There is always a way out. Vista Password Reset Disk is such an easy-to-handle utility for all Windows users. It can efficiently reset Windows Vista password for local user account.

Follow the bellowing instructions to learn how to recover Windows Vista password.

Step 1: Burn Vista Password reset disk

a. To burn the bootable disk, you need to download &install& launch Windows Vista Password Recovery on another computer which can log in to system.

b. Choose “reset Windows local account password”. Tick “CD/DVD” and choose your media device (so insert the blank CD in advance).

c. Hit “Burn” to start burning the bootable disk.

Step 2: Reset Vista Password

a. Insert this CD into the computer for which you would like to crack password for.

b. Choose the Windows installation, and select the user account.

c. Click on “Reset”, and then click on “Yes” when the indictor pops up.

d. Click “Reboot” to finish the Windows Vista password reset.


Now we have learned how to set and reset password on Vista. The method is so easy. Above experiment was carried out under Vista OS.

Sounds Good?

This Vista Password Recovery software can help you to reset lost account log on password. Click below link to try it.

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