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Set Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive with Windows 7 SBB Tool

There are times when it is not possible to use a bootable Windows 7 disk to format our system. For instance, this may be due to the unavailability of disk as CD/DVD become useless after prolonged user or a common scenario is that the DVD reader is non functional.

In situations like this it is always preferable to have set up a bootable USB stick. After a bootable USB stick is not only convenient to use, but also it offers faster data throughput for faster installation. Windows 7 SBB Tool helps you in creating a bootable Windows 7  setup on your pendrive.

Windows 7 SBB Tool is an easy to use windows freeware tool. To use it you have go through the following steps:

How to Create Bootable Windows 7 USB Drive

  • Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, as this application will not run on system having lower version of .NET Framework.
  • This application does not support ISO image files. If you are having an ISO or any other image file you have to extract the files first. In case of ISO file, it can be extracted easily using WinRar.

  • Once the files within the image are extracted you can select them through the application.
  • Select the USB storage device, I will recommend having at least a 4GB pendrive at hand. After selecting the device you also have option to format it.
  • When all the above steps are completed just press continue button to  make the USB device Windows 7 bootable.

Download Windows 7 SBB Tool – Make Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive

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