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Smartphones, Windows 7, eBook reader etc

Here is a quick three tech topics in 60 secs daily recap for today:

1. More and more smartphones announced

Blackberry officially announced two of their new smartphones: Bold 2 (a.k.a Onyx) and Storm 2. Just like their recent release of Gemini (a.k.a Curve), Bold 2 will incorporate digital touchpad replacing their track ball technology. Storm 2 improved a lot of issues found with the original Storm (performance and screen typing technology). It also finally added WIFI.

We are going to see more and more Droid phone in the US. Verizon announced its first Google Android phone by Motorola. Sprint add their line up with HTC Hero (Android platform)

2. eBooks Reader

eBook reader is hot. Following Amazon footsteps, more and more companie announced their new eReader platform. At least 3 readers are announced in the last 3 months by B&N. Sony comes up with 2 new eBook reader. Another company called Spring Designs also announced a very cool eBook reader that incorporated Android OS and 2 screen (e-ink and traditional TFT)

3. Windows 7
Yes, two more days and you can get your copy of Windows 7 (even though I’ve been using the OS for the last 3 weeks now). This is the most anticipated Windows OS since Windows 95. Microsoft has done tremendous jobs in fixing and shape up their OS to the point that the rave from the customers just astounding. Haven’t pre-order one yet? Go to your local Best Buy to reserve one

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