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Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud computing is the model of accessing applications and tools from the web, using the browser instead of installing it on site, on a pay for use or subscription basis. The concept is still in its early days, with developments occurring day by day. Read on for the top cloud computing trends.

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To 10 Windows 7 Gadgets you must have

Windows 7 has become one of the most used operating system after XP and the best advantage of the OS is the support for gadgets. Here are list of gadgets which can be used to get the maximum benefit out of the OS.

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10 Security Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

After a devastating wrong turn with Vista, Microsoft is back on its game with Windows 7. Sure, Windows 7 has annoyances – such as touting attractive features, but making most of them available only to those who pay extra for Enterprise (or Ultimate). But Windows 7 Enterprise delivers a plethora of improvements to justify the cost and pain of migration.

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‘Do these first’ – 10 great tweaks for Win7

It’s that time of year when many PC users are buying new machines and — ready or not — making the leap to Windows 7. Get off on the right foot: save time, trouble, and frustration by performing these 10 simple Win7 tweaks.

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10 Ways to Secure Windows 7

Securing Microsoft’s Windows 7 is easy. With a more powerful user friendly UAC, firewall, sharing features and user interface; Windows 7 can be secured to help protect your valuable data.

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Top 10 Free Backup Programs for Windows 7

Here you find the best free backup programs for Windows 7 including Windows 7 Backup and Restore as well as FBackup, and on our candidate watch list for top free Windows 7 backup program we have Comodo BackUp

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